Vitamin B17, Laetrile, Amygdaline, or Apricot Kernel

apricotDo you want to know what else you could try to help prevent or cure some kind of a cancer? If yes, then you came to the right place to find it out. Many doctors know this and many pharmaceutical companies know this, but they don’t want to lose a bunch of money or they are afraid of being sued so they just don’t tell you this. The Vitamin B17, also called Laetrile or Amygdaline, has been found in many Fruit Seeds, but the most amount of it is in the Apricot seeds (or Apricot Kernels). Some claim that Vitamin B-17 is actually not a vitamin. When you eat your apricots, do not throw away the seed, you should break it open and then eat the nut inside of the hard shell.

I read somewhere before that if a person eats seven of these apricot seeds per day then they will most likely never develop some of the cancers. If you already have the cancer in you, then you need to try eating these seeds daily, but start out in small amounts and I do NOT know the amount you need, so try finding a doctor or a professional who knows the right amounts and IF the b17 will help you at all. Some people just ask their doctors to inject this vitamin b17 straight into their body and it usually helps them, but not always.

In the Bible God said: And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee… Exodus 23:25. So make sure that you have a good relationship with God, that usually is the best cure and prevention from any diseases. People who eat Apricots and their Kernels usually look about 10 years younger then what other people look like at their same age, somehow it is good for your skin. So, I recommend to search the internet and find good raw organically grown apricot kernels, buy them, and enjoy.

As always remember not to overdose on these seeds or on any seeds, because it is very easy to overdose on fruits’ seeds, so be careful. Why and how, because some study claimed that Laetrile is a toxic drug and is Not effective as a cancer treatment. So, what if it’s true… Maybe this is why the US Food and Drug Administration prohibits promoting and selling Laetrile, Amygdaline, or Apricot Kernels (or seeds) as the cure for cancer. Also, some researchers claim that Purified Amygdalin (or Apricot Seeds) ingestion can cause severe toxicity and/or death due to cyanide poisoning.

To Find out more about Vitamin B17 and its possibilities you should get this book called World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin. If you have cancer or think you might get one, then this is the book you should really buy before going to any doctors. I will get a little commission from the Amazon if you’ll buy this book. We have this book and it is amazing what is going on in the USA today. The love of money really did ruin America, that is why it’s hard to believe anything that American government or its organizations claim.

To be honest, I think there is a little bit of truth in everything. Maybe people who died or got sicker from Laetrile were overdosed. That is why you should never consume too much of anything at all. And please, if the government prohibits you from selling this drug or vitamin in the US, then don’t sell it, find some other kind of hobby. The way I understand the FDA, is that if you can provide them solid scientific proof of Laetrile being good and healthy, then they will legalize it, otherwise, forget it. I’d recommend eating more of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and to prevent or even cure some cancers. From time to time I’ll eat a little bit of seeds from the fruits or vegetables that I enjoy ;)

World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin

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  1. thank you for a detailed about vitamin B17 .. i hope this explanation will provide a deeper understanding for major uses of vitamin B17 and save thousands of cancer patients around the world

  2. Nice article.. shared it friends.. can i know where to purchase the book, “world without cancer” ?thank you!

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