Xylitol Sweetener Benefits

spry xilitol spearmint gumXylitol is a natural sweetener. Xylitol is natural because it is already inside of our bodies. Our bodies actually produce Xylitol from fruits, berries, mushrooms, lettuce and other foods. Did you know that there is actually a gum that is really good for your teeth? Next time you’ll look for a gum to buy and chew, try looking at the ingredients and make sure that there is no other kind of sugar except the Xylitol. Actually, clinical  studies have shown that if you chew xylitol gum or eat xylitol candies on a daily basis then it may help you reduce the risk of tooth decay and improve overall oral health. I heard a bunch of stories where people were told by their doctors that there is major problems with their teeth and some serious work needs to be done, but some of those people started chewing xylitol gum daily and then when they came back to the doctor, they totally surprised their doctors. Also, there are many dentists that really recommend using xylitol products daily, because then your will improve your oral health dramatically. The picture shows one of the awesome gums out there that can promote the health of your teeth. We use this gum from Spry company and we recommend for you too, to use this instead of other gums with bad sweeteners in them. If you decide to buy this gum you can just click on the picture or click here.

3 thoughts on “Xylitol Sweetener Benefits

  1. Also, just recently my wife’s friend had to take her kids to the dentist, but she knew that they had cavities so she kept giving them Xylitol gum and their cavities went away in a very noticeable way. And the dentist was trying to prove to her that Xylitol is not true, but when he took second xrays then even he couldn’t believe his eyes, I think he even took the xrays the third time to make sure. So, yeah… Xylitol works for teeth and don’t let anyone else tell you anything different :)

  2. Great information and awesome story Vladiator! My family and I are huge advocates for the health benefits of all natural Xylitol. And we use the Spry Dental Defense System too!

  3. Great post!! I personally recommend Natvia (http://natvia.com/)100% natural, 95% fewer calories than sugar, low glycemic index low carbohydrates, no saccharin, no sucrose, fructose free and tooth friendly.

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