Garlic Nutrients and Benefits

garlicGarlic is extremely healthy for our bodies. Sometimes in some stores you’ll see the Elephant Garlic, but do be thinking that it’s better than the normal small size garlic, it’s not, the elephant garlic does not offer the full amount of benefits like the small one does. Here are the benefits of about 1 oz of Garlic:
– Cardiovascular Benefits
– Blood Pressure Benefits
– Platelet aggregation Benefits
– Helps Maintain Good Cholesterol Levels
– Prevents atherosclerosis
– Prevents diabetic heart disease
– Reduces risks of heart attacks
– Reduces risks of strokes
– Supports heart health
– Decreases amount of free radicals in the bloodstream
– Reduces plaque deposition
– Protects against cancers
– Protects against heavy metal toxicity
– it is anti-inflammatory
– it’s an antibacterial vegetable
– great antibiotic vegetable
– promotes optimal health
– Protects against colon cancer
– Treats Skin cancer
– Prevents weight gain
– Protects against asbestos

Here are the important ingredients and vitamins that are in the Garlic Vegetable…
– Manganese
– Protein
– Copper
– Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)
– Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
– Vitamin C
– Tryptophan
– Selenium
– Calcium
– Phosphorus
– Carbohydrates
– Water
– Potassium

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