Green Beans Nutrients and Benefits

green beansFresh Green Beans are healthy, crunchy, and fun to eat. They are similar to Green Peas, but not all the way. You can enjoy green beans in many different ways, for example, with fish dish, with potatoes dish, with mushrooms, with salads, or with frittatas. Boiled Green Beans have these kind of ingredients:
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B1, thiamin
- Vitamin B2, riboflavin
- Vitamin B3, niacin
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin K
- Manganese
- Dietary Fiber
- Potassium
- Folate
- Tryptophan
- Iron
- Magnesium
- Copper
- Calcium
- Phosphorus
- Protein
- Omega 3 Fatty Acids
- Omega 6 Fatty Acids
- Carbohydrates
- Natural Sugar
- Water
- Chloride
- Sodium
- Amino Acids

Not only the list of ingredients is awesome in green beans, but the list of benefits is very nice too:
- Maintains strong bones
- Prevents breakdown of bones
- Protects from atherosclerosis
- Protects from diabetic heart disease
- Reduces Free radicals in the body
- Works as an antioxidant
- Protects from cholesterol being oxidized
- Lowers Cholesterol Levels
- Prevents from blocked arteries
- Prevents from heart attack
- Prevents from stroke
- Lowers high blood pressure
- Promotes Colon Health
- Prevents from colon cancer
- Reduces Asthma inflammations
- Reduces Osteoarthritis inflammations
- Reduces Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammations
- Provides healthy energy
- Supports healthy immune system
- Protects from viruses
- Protects from bacteria
- Fights infections

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