How To Fix Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hip Pain

back painHow to fix your back pain, hip pain, or even neck pain FREE Information. People keep on looking for answers and keep on buying the useless and extremely expensive equipment. How do I know what can fix your back pain? Well, lets just say I was one of those people for about a whole year. Yes, I will tell you what helped me, and NO, I am not selling this information, I thought about it though :) But I decided, since God helped me to find it out, and since it is a good thing to let people like me know this for free. So, I will tell you the answer in the next sentence, but before that I would like to ask you to please somehow support my website or even just this page, by linking to it or by telling people about this website and how it helped you. To fix your back pain you need to buy a new mattress or if possible flip it to the other side, but flip it only if you haven’t flipped it before. Yes :) it is that simple, and yes it is most likely your answer, why? Here is why.
I was suffering from back and hip pain for about a whole year and I wasn’t even 30 years old. I kept thinking and praying and trying different stuff. I thought that if I’m only 29 years old and I’m suffering this bad now then how am I going to suffer when I’ll get to 40. The pain was going from low to really high, in other words from little to really big pains, sometimes I couldn’t walk or stand, or sit. Usually it was getting a little better after walking, but then when I sat in the car to drive home and then tried to get out of the car, that is when I suffered a lot. I tried pain killers or pain relief pills. By the way, I am a health freak and yes, I went even the “pill” way too. I ate salads and sandwiches. I drank Cod liver oil often. I went to the chiropractor lots of times, it cost me $40.00 per visit. We even bought an inversion table, can you believe that? I can’t. Also, I did the exercises that I described in this article on our website that is located at:
Here is why I am sure that the mattress is the first thing that any person should try replacing to fix their back pain. We spend lots of time on the bed and it is suppose to help us and our backs relax. But if your mattress is over five years old then it is not helping you or your back relax, it is making it worse. I was really mad when I found out that it is my mattress, because we paid like $600 or $700 for it about 7 years ago and it still looks fine and feels fine. The only way you can tell that the mattress is bad for you is when you look at it straight to see if it has a little dip in the middle or in the butt part of the mattress. If you have back pain, or neck pain, or hip pain and your mattress is dipped in about one inch or half an inch in the middle area then that is your answer, it’s the mattress! After talking to some people I also found out that the mattresses are normally made for five years only, now I am a witness to that. oh, and not only I had this problem, my wife had same problems at the same time, and some of our relatives had same thing happen to them, but after changing the mattress the problems went away.
I still support and advise you to keep your backs straight, exercise, and even buy the good and useful equipment, but at the same time make sure that you replace your mattress for your back’s sake. Believe me, if you started having back pain, hip pain or neck pain and your mattress is older than five years, do not waist your money on chiropractors, equipment, pain relief medicine, or even back support belts. Yeah, I bought that too, the back support belt. I think I wasted about $400.00 to try to improve my back and it all went down the drain, when all I had to do is flip my mattress.
Thank you for reading and I really hope that I helped at least one person with this article, God Bless you all and keep you all safe and healthy.

T-Tapp Book Fit and Fabulous in 15 MinutesOk, this is an update. So I got my mattress changed and everything went fine for a while, but then when I spent lots of time sitting by the computer I noticed that my back problems began coming back. Really bad back pain, just like long time ago. Well, there is a solution, but you may not like it. You do need to spend some money on it. Either find it locally if you can or somewhere online. T-Tapp is my solution so far for my back problems. Believe it or not, but I’m telling the truth. I was in extreme pain, I began to think of going to the chiropractor again, but then I thought to give this woman a try. Pretty much somehow she knows what really needs to be done to fix your spine and put it in place and at the same time with her exercises you can loose weight. To learn more about her products and exercises just follow This Link or just click on her book’s picture to go to Amazon and buy it.

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  7. Hi there.. I learned a lot from your writings. keep up the good work. thanks a lot.

  8. HI
    This article is very helpful and things you said its very knowledgeable and helpful for the viewers. We are working in the same area and helping people get relief from neck and back pain.


  9. Nevertheless, you’ll find also special issues you are able to do to ease back discomfort. Like back pain exercises, that are natural back pain cures. Furthermore, in case you take into consideration the positions you are moving in and sleeping in you might have the ability to uncover that you can find different techniques you’ll be able to assist your back discomfort by attempting different way of life modifications.

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