Durian Fruit Nutrients and Benefits

Durian Fruit - The King of FruitsHave you ever heard of a fruit called Durian, I know that I didn’t, until this research. This Seasonal Durian Fruit is also called by some people as The King of Fruits. They probably call it that way because of the large size and the thorns that cover it all the way around. Durian Fruit can be one foot long, and half of a foot in diameter, and it can way anywhere between two to seven pounds. Durians can either have greenish, yellowish, or brownish colors. Depending on your taste and opinion you could either extremely and deeply love the unusual smell and taste of this fruit or absolutely hate it and never even want it anywhere close to you. Because of the Durian’s smell issues some Asian hotels, subways, airports, and other public transportation banned this fruit from having it in public places. People believe that Durian has some very unique and strong smell even with the husk still intact. People can enjoy the insides of the fruit when it is fresh still, but the seeds you would have to cook before eating them. People around the world that love Durian taste, they enjoy it either with or mixed in like in ice cream, biscuits, candies, milkshakes, cakes, cappuccino, and even with fish or rice. The Nutrients in about one cup of Raw and Diced Durian Fruit are:
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B1, Thiamin (Large amount)
– Vitamin B2, Riboflavin (Good amount)
– Vitamin B3, Niacin
– Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid
– Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine (Good amount)
– Vitamin C (Large amount)
– Protein
– Calcium
– Iron
– Magnesium
– Phosphorus
– Potassium (Good amount)
– Zinc
– Copper (Good amount)
– Manganese (Good amount)
– Natural Fats (Good amount)
– Carbohydrates (Good amount)
– Dietary Fiber (Good amount)
– Calories

With these Nutrients in Durian Fruit you could expect to get these kind of Benefits:
– Supports strong bones
– Supports healthy bones
– Normalizes blood sugar levels
– Supports healthy thyroid gland
– Improves Nerve health
– Protects from free radicals
– Helps protect from nausea
– Reduces vomiting
– Reduces skin rashes
– Maintains Hair color
– Normalizes Cholesterol levels
– Helps prevent dizziness
– Helps prevent hearing loss
– Supports healthy reproduction
– Improves nerve function
– Improves muscle function
– Reduces confusion
– Reduces irritability
– Reduces fatigue
– Lowers chance of heart problems
– Lowers chance of high blood pressure
– Protects from chronic diarrhea
– Improves exercise ability
– Improves wound healing
– Prevents cells from damages
– Improves gums health
– Improves teeth health
– Improves Immune System
– Reduces Aging
– Lowers Risks of some Cancers
– Improves Iron absorption
– Improves Lung health
– Prevents from frequent colds
– Protects from frequent infections
– Supports Brain Function
– Provides Healthy Energy
– Reduces Risk of Heart attack
– Supports Nervous system
– Protects from homocysteine build-up
– Lowers chance of anemia
– Helps protect from eczema
– Helps protect from dermatitis
– Supports healthy skin
– May reduce seizures
– Regulates Energy Supplies
– Supports Healthy Heart Function
– May Increase appetite
– Reduces Numbness in Legs
– Supports Muscles
– Supports Nervous system
– Supports Cardiovascular function
– Protects Cells from Oxygen Damage
– Reduces Sensitivity to Light
– Improves Skin around eyes
– Reduces Oral Sores and Cracks
– Reduces Skin peeling around nose
– Supports Good Vision
– Supports Cells Production

Well, that is a huge list of Benefits, so looks like not only the Fruit itself is pretty big, but the benefits of it are pretty large too. Keep in mind that people have different bodies, so that means sometimes some bodies react differently to specific fruits and vegetables. You could be either allergic to something in this Fruit, or your body could already have enough of some Vitamin and you might overdose on this fruit because of that Vitamin, or your health could dramatically improve from the Vitamins that are in this Fruit. Whatever you choose to do about this fruit is totally up to you and totally your own responsibility. If you are worried about eating this fruit or any other fruit or vegetable, then I would recommend asking God to help you decide and then go to your Trusted doctor and ask for their advice.

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