Barley Soup Recipe

Barley Grain in SoupBarley is pretty healthy so I’d recommend to try to use it in your meals from time to time. If you want to find out the Nutrients and Benefits of Barley then just click on THIS LINK to go see my older post about that topic. Anyway, there are lots of recipes and ideas on how to prepare Barley or how to make different kinds of meal with Barley. In this post I would like to tell you how to make a soup with Barley. It is totally up to you of course on how many ingredients or what ingredients you want to use, but I’ll just let you know one of the unique recipes that people have these days for barley soups. Some people prefer to presoak Barley overnight, but some don’t want to do that so we’ll just have to cook it a little longer. If you follow this recipe in the order I write it then you should be able to accomplish it without any problems. Also, this recipe is for a bigger family and with enough soup for almost two days, depending on how fast your family will devour it :) Oh, yeah, read this recipe first before beginning it, just to make sure that you have everything ready that you want to put into your soup.
– Get a big pot, like 8.0 quarts (7.6 litters), and fill it about 75% full with precooked Chicken or Beef Broth and water mixed in. If you don’t have any precooked broth, then you can just use water. Or, if you have store bough pre-made broth then you can mix it in that water.
– Turn on the stove to get the liquid to the boiling point. As soon as you turned on the stove you can dump in the Barley Grain. If you want thin and liquidy soup, then dump in like 3 cups of Fresh Barley. But if you want thick and creamy soup then dump in like 4 cups of Barley.
– When the mixture will begin to boil, then turn on the timer for 45 minutes, and turn down the heat so the water doesn’t sprinkle out of the pot, and open the lid of the pot just a little.
– While the barley is boiling, you have 45 minutes for preparing the vegetables and/or meat that you’ll put into the soup.
– Wash and clean the vegetables that you want to put into the soup. Chop them up into as big or as small pieces as you like. I used 1 whole medium onion, a few pieces of Garlic, 1 pound or 16 oz or 454 grams of fresh carrots, and a 14 oz (396 gram) bag of Pepper Strips which contained Red, Yellow, and Green Peppers. Cut it all up into sizes that you like and get them ready to be dumped into the soup. Also, if you want to add meat to your soup then prepare that meat too, if your meat is not cooked yet then you’re too late for that, the meat has to be already cooked.
– After the 45 minutes are over, then dump in all of your prepared vegetables and/or meats into the soup and mix it all very good. Add herbs that you like and Spices and Salt to your own preferred taste. If your pot is not full then you can add some water, but if it’s too full then take some of the liquid out with your deep spoon.
– Wait until the soup will begin to boil again. Then turn on the timer for 15 more minutes and lower the heat so the soup stays in the pot and not on your walls or stove :)
– After the 15 minutes the soup is done, but, yes there is a but :) if you want to enjoy your soup when it is nice and creamy and all of the barley opened up all the way, then you should leave the pot on the stove for like an hour or more with a closed lid, so it can cool down and open up the barley even more. That’s because we haven’t presoaked the barley overnight, but if you did presoak it, then you shouldn’t have to leave it overnight and you shouldn’t have to cook it for 45 minutes.
Well, that is all there is for this recipe. Hopefully you like the barley because it is very good for you. And if you had problems with pooping, then you might notice that your body will want to clean itself out by making you go to the toilet :)

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  1. Yumm, now I am hungry. I am going to check out the benefits of Barley post. I learn something every day online!

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