Goat Meat Delicious Recipe

Goat Meat RecipeToday I would like to share my delicious and unique recipe for Goat Meat. Why Goat Meat and not some other kind of meat? Well, let’s say it is the healthiest or one of the most healthiest meats out there. Also, I got it from a good local farmer that doesn’t use any deadly chemicals on his animals. The recipe that used on this Goat Meat can actually be used for any kind of meat. I love using this kind of recipe with the ingredients that you’ll see below, because it just tastes really good, smells really good, and makes me feel better about what I’m eating, because I know how I cooked it.

The ingredients that I used in this Goat Meat Recipe are:
– About 1 or 2 Pounds of Goat Meat
– 1 Fresh Onion
– 1 Fresh Clove of Garlic
– 14 oz. (396 grams) of Frozen Red, Green, and Yellow Peppers
– About 1 cup or less of Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce
– Salt and Spices to your desired taste

So, let’s begin from the start. Cut the Goat Meat as much as you can from its bones and fat. Then cut the meat into pieces as big as you want them to be. Rinse the meat couple times under water, so more of the dirt or fat will wash off. Then put the meat inside the nice size pot that is about half full of water. Put that pot on the stove and get it to boil. When it begins to boil, get rid of that dirty, grey looking residue, which floats on top, as possible. Put the timer for just 30 minutes and let the Goat Meat boil for those 30 minutes. While the meat is boiling you can clean up the mess that you made from cutting and cleaning the meat. Also, put some salt into the boiling water and your favorite spices that would taste good with the meat, but don’t over do it. Then you can chop up the vegetables that are in the Ingredient List above. Put all the copped vegetables into one dish.

After the timer goes off get a big long spoon with holes in it. Now take out all the meat from the boiling pot with water still in it and put it all into a clean deep dish or second pot. I do this in order to make sure that all of the dirt or cooked blood stays in the first pot. After you got all of the meat out, put the chopped vegetables with the clean meat together into a single pot. Then, take that pot with the boiled water the one you got the meat out of. And pour the clean top portion of that cooked Goat Meat Water into the new pot where you have the clean meat and vegetables together. I recommend filling about a quarter of the new pot or just as much as it takes to barely make the meat raise from the bottom. Then dump out the rest of that boiled Goat Meat Water into the sink or wherever you like to get rid of dirty liquids.

Now, you need to get this new and fresh meat with vegetables to the boiling point and set the timer to another 30 minutes. Pour in about a cup or less of that Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce. You can buy this sauce at Fred Meyer or you other local grocery stores, or you can buy it on Amazon, I provided the link to the Amazon at the bottom of this article. After these second 30 minutes pass, you can just mix and enjoy your meat with pretty much any kind of dishes like pastas, rice, potatoes, or other kind of cooked grains. I really love the smell of red peppers, onion, and garlic when it steams out of the pot while boiling. Oh, and wait till you get to try this meat when it is done, you’ll be amazed, or at least I was :) If you got a recipe yourself that you would like to share with us, then just post it in the comments section below this article.

Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli SauceAlso, here is the Link to that Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce, I like it a lot and I totally recommend it. I really like cooking meats with this sauce -

After reading this article if you would like to find out about the Goat Meat Nutrients and Benefits, then just CLICK HERE to go read my older article about that topic. Or if you are interested in Raising Your Own Goats, then here is a very helpful and informative eBook that I really recommend called Beginner’s Guide To Raising Goats.

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