Salad Recipe with Radish, Green Onion, and Dill

Radish Salad RecipeWell, it’s Summer Season, and many of the Fruits and Vegetables are becoming ripe and ready to eat. My wife’s parents gave us some of their Radishes, Green Onions, and Dill Herb to try. They have a little bit of acres around their house, so they try to grow some of the fruits and vegetables for themselves and for their kids. And NO, they do not use any chemicals on their little gardens. Well, after we got some of those vegetables, I remembered the salad that my mother use to make when I was little and we lived in Ukraine. I don’t remember everything she put into her Radish Salad, but what I came up with tasted very similar and very delicious.

I just washed and cut of all of the dirty and bad pieces from the Radishes, Green Onions, and Dill. On the dill I like to get rid of all of the thick sticks and try to use for the salads as skinny pieces of Dill as possible. So, I cut the Radishes into good average pieces as you can see on the image below. The Green Onions I like to take the bunch and hold it together with one hand and start cutting them evenly with the other. Try to keep your cuts as thin as possible, but not too thin, about 2/16 of an inch sounds perfect. The dill you can start cutting just like the Green Onions, but then chop it up some more after you are done doing the first cutting step. Then I combined these vegetables in a steel bowl. Also, I added some salt, dry garlic powder, black pepper, and Sunflower Oil to my taste. So you can add your own dry herbs, salt, and oil to your own taste. And finally I just mixed it all up very good and came up with this amazing, yummy, delicious, tasty, and healthy Radish Salad.

If you want to know what Sunflower Oil I used for this salad and its Nutrients and Benefits, then read this article I wrote some time ago called Sunflower Oil Nutrients and Benefits. Also, if you want to know the Nutrients and Benefits of Radishes, then read my article called Radishes Nutrients and Health Benefits. And if you would like to know details about the Dill Herb, then just read this article called Dill Nutrients and Benefits. Below this article I provided some images of how I cut up the Radishes, Green Onions, and Dill. Also, if you would like to know more about the Raw Food Diet Secrets and Raw Food Recipes, then just check this eBook out called The Raw Secrets.

Fresh Radishes:
Radishes for Radish Salad Recipe

Fresh Green Onions:
Green Onions for Radish Salad Recipe

Fresh Dill:
Dill for Radish Salad Recipe

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