Baked Salmon Fish Fillet Recipe

Salmon Fish Meat can be cooked in many different ways. Since people have different tastes, they prefer their Salmon either fried, baked, salted, dried, grilled, or boiled. In this article I’d like to tell you about my little recipe on how I baked my Salmon in an oven. We got some of the frozen wild caught Salmon fillet with skin on one side. Then we thawed it. After it was soft and thawed I began to prepare the oven and the dressing sauce for the Salmon Fillet. I turned on the Oven to preheat it at 400 Degrees Fahrenheit (204 Degrees Celsius). While if was preheating I got a medium or kind of large red onion, cleaned it and got it ready to be chopped up. Then I got some garlic ready, about 10 small single cleaned pieces. I put the Garlic and the Onion together into an automatic chopper and chopped them up into small pieces, be careful not to over do it. Then I got a stainless steel bowl and put in there all of the chopped up Garlic, Onion, about one cup or less of Mayonnaise, some Sea Salt, Lots of Dill, and some of the Black Pepper. I mixed it all up with a normal table spoon. Then I got the Glass Oven Dish or Pan and covered the bottom of it with this Mayonnaise Dressing. Then I carefully laid the Salmon Fillet down on that Mayo Dressing with skin down. If your Salmon Fish Fillet is too long or too large, then cut it into some pieces so it will fit. Then I covered the whole Salmon Fish Fillet Meat with the rest of the Mayonnaise Dressing and put it into the oven for 35 minutes. While it was baking in the oven it smelled so good :) After the timer went off, I got it out, smelled it, tried it, and enjoyed it with my family. Now it’s your turn. Cook your salmon in the way you like it or just follow this recipe, and share your ideas in the comments below. Also, below are the images of my process on this Baked Salmon Recipe. Thank you all for your time and patience :)

Mayonnaise Dressing Sauce for the Salmon Fish Fillet:
Mayonnaise Dressing Sauce for Salmon

Raw and Fresh Salmon Fish Fillet:
Raw Fresh Salmon Fish Fillet

Baked and Cooked Salmon Fish Fillet:
Cooked Baked Salmon Fish Fillet

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