Alive Organic Vitamin C Supplement Review

Alive Organic Vitamin C SupplementAre you taking enough of Vitamin C on a regular basis, or at least when you get sick? Well, you should. When you get a virus or just plain sick, then you should really consider taking a good and healthy product of Vitamin C. Or if you have home grown fruits and vegetables, then you should be fine eating some of those instead of Vitamin C Supplements. My family and I use The Alive Vitamin C Powder made with Organic Fruit. The Fruits that are contained in this Vitamin C Product are Organic Acerola, Organic Goji, Organic Amla, and Organic Kiwi. I couldn’t find factual information on Amla and Goji Fruits or Berries, but I did find the Facts for Acerola and Kiwi. So, if you would like to check out my previous articles of Nutrients and Benefits in Acerola and Kiwi, then follow these Links here… For Acerola follow this link here Acerola Nutrients and Health Benefits… For Kiwi follow this link here Kiwi Nutrients and Health Benefits.

This Alive Vitamin C product is 100% Whole Food Complex. It is 100% Organic, All Natural, Vegetarian Formula, Non-GMO, Easily Absorbed, Stomach Gentle, Without Corn, Without Lactose, Without milk, Without soy, Without sugar, Without wheat, Without yeast, Without Artificial Ingredients, Without Preservatives, and Free of Common Food Allergies. Now, that is one awesome and hard to find product among other crappy and deadly vitamin supplements.

Alive Organic Vitamin C SupplementWhen you’ll buy this Organic Vitamin C Supplement, you are suppose to get a box and inside of that box is a dark-glass jar with 120 Grams of Vitamin C Powder. To drink this powder you need to Stir this Vitamin C Powder into an 8 ounce glass of water or juice or even smoothies. So, if you want 500 mg of Vitamin C, then take one rounded teaspoon daily. But, if you want 1000 mg of Vitamin C, then take one rounded teaspoon two times daily.

The Supplement Facts of this product claim that you can enjoy 30 Servings of 1 Rounded Teaspoon which is 4 grams. And each of those servings has 5 Calories, 2 grams of Carbohydrates, some Organic Manioc Root, and 500 mg of Vitamin C which is 833% of Daily Value. This Vitamin C product tastes like powder when you mix it up in water, with a little bit of sourness and sweetness in it.

To buy this Amazing, High Quality, and Healthy Vitamin C Supplement just Click Here or on one of the images I provided. The images that you see are the box in which this product comes and the bottle that is inside of the box. My family and I get this product from our local Supper Supplements Store, but if you don’t want to get it locally then you can get it through my links that I provided in this article that will take you to the Amazon Store.

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