How to Clean, Take Apart, and Open Speed Queen Washer

Speed Queen WasherIn this article I will explain how to take apart or open up the inside of the Speed Queen Washer with Model Number AWS44NW, so you could clean it really good to remove the stinkyness. I researched the internet and wasn’t able to find any good dependable help, so I had to do this on my own with very little hints or tips. After I got done, I decided to write about this Washing Machine too, so people wouldn’t have to suffer as much as I did. The reason I needed to take this Washer apart, because one of my relatives needed help cleaning their washer. Why did we need to clean it? Well… Let’s just say after two or more years most of the washers begin to stink, especially if you soak your clothes often. Sometimes the washers can stink like poop.

I did clean my Kenmore washer two times already, but this time my relatives needed help with cleaning their SpeedQueen washer. To tell you the truth you don’t really need to disconnect the water hoses, and it is not hard taking this washer apart at all. Just follow my steps and you’ll be fine. The tools for this job that you will need are pretty much a basic ratchet with basic sockets and I don’t remember the sizes, just see which one fits good. Also, I recommend that you look through all of the images I provided so you get more familiar with the layout of the machine inside and outside. Before we get started, Make sure the washer is Off and that it’s empty from water and clothes.

1. – Just to be safe, Disconnect the Power Cord from the outlet. Also, Close Off both of the Water Valves the hot one and the cold one, but don’t disconnect them, because we don’t need to move the washer anywhere, it can stay right where it is.

2. – Find on the bottom of the Front Panel of your Speed Queen Washer two screws and Unscrew them completely off and put them aside for now. Now, grab the front panel with both hands and pull it carefully toward you and then straight down. It should come off by popping out from under the top panel.

3. – Now, under the top panel, find two screws on the very front in the left and right corners, unscrew them completely and put them aside for now.

4. – Raise all the way up and to the back the Whole Front Panel with the Control Panel being attached to it.

5. – Now you are ready to take apart some parts so you could take out the Washtub and wash it really good inside and out, and all of the parts too that are in it right now and around it. Look inside, you should see the main spinning white thing in the middle of the Washtub, that is called the Flex Vane Agitator, and on top of it is the Dispenser part.

6. – Gently grab a good hold of that top Dispenser and just pull it straight up, it should just pop out. Put it aside and remember to wash it and wipe it dry before putting it back.

7. – Now, if you look inside of that Flex Vane Agitator that you just opened up, there should be pretty much nothing except some dirt, mud, and some pointy plastic thing in the middle. But if you see some bolts and nuts in there then you should figure out on your own what to do next, and maybe check out my other article on Kenmore Washer’s taking apart steps which might help you. As far as I know your Flex Vane Agitator should be empty inside and if it is, then grab onto it really hard with your hands and pull it as hard as you can, or get someone who is stronger than you are, so they could pull it off for you, try moving it right and left as you pull. Put this big part aside and remember to clean it and dry it really good before putting it back on.

8. – Now, do you see how dirty you washer really is? that is why it stinks, but guess what, that is not all, there is more under this washtub. Right now you should see four Bolts that are holding down the Washtub. The middle parts are not holding it down, so don’t bother them. Unscrew those four big bolts that are holding down the Washtub. Put these bolts aside for now and remember to wash and dry them too.

9. – Now, you are ready to pull out the Washtub. Pull it up and wash it and scrub it and dry it, but don’t scratch it. Also, wash, scrub, and dry the outer tub that held this inner Washtub in it, you can do this outer tub just as it is in the machine. Note: the Washtub has a Ring Assembly, if you can, take off the top ring part that is kind of easy to take off, but the second one with water in it I’d leave alone and just try to wash under it as best as you can. The water that you hear in the ring assembly is there for balance purposes, so don’t try to drain it. Also, Try NOT to let any dirt fall inside the draining pipes and hoses of the outer tub, if you did, then the washer may get stuck while trying to rinse your clothes, if it does happen, then you’ll smell the burning motor and you’ll hear the weird electricity sound. Yep, we had that happen, that is why I am warning you. If that does happen, then under this big outer tub you’ll see the motor and the belt that goes from the motor to the center of the tub. When the power is disconnected to the washer, Grab on to that belt and pull it and push it a few times back and forth. Then try letting the machine rinse and spin again, it should work then.

Speed Queen Washer AWS44NW10. – Now you can Put everything back as it was before, by going in reverse steps now. What you had to pull of, now it will need to be pushed on until it clicks or snapps into place. Whatever you screwed off, now screw it on nice and tight. You should not have any extra screws or bolts left, if you do, then you forgot some step somewhere in the process. Thank you for reading and hopefully I helped someone out there :) Oh, yeah, before I forget, here is a link to the parts list and their diagrams that you can view for free, and if you need to order this link will help you with the ordering of new parts for this Washer too. Also, this link contains the Free Owners Manual for this Washer that came with it when you bought it. So, here is the Link I am talking about: Sears Parts Direct.

Speed Queen Washer AWS44NW Diagram

Speed Queen Washer AWS44NW Front Panel and Cab and Base Assembly

Speed Queen Washer AWS44NW Agitaitor and Washtub Assembly


14 thoughts on “How to Clean, Take Apart, and Open Speed Queen Washer

  1. I want to many thanks for sharing the article to us and we are going to be utilized in way of life to many thanks significantly!

  2. Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time to put this out. I almost gave up my search on the internet on how to clean my speed queen. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thank You very much!!!!

    Took me 2 minutes to fix the thing, instead of struggling for 20 minutes to get it open. I am sure you know how it goes.

  4. I got a speed queen commercial washer I need a wiring diagram for it
    Model number sc25md2eu40001
    Serial number mo400168434
    Date code 0400
    12kg can you help

  5. Hello Janice hicks, no I can’t help you with that diagram because I don’t collect them nor hold them, I just write from time to time about something I actually did or worked on. I recommend searching the web with your specific washer numbers.


  6. After reading a lot of information on Speed Queens, your directions were the first ones that made sense. I can not thank you enough. I read your directions and then went and took the machine apart with no trouble. Thanks again. And my wife thanks you to.

  7. Thank you for your contributions on how to clean your speed queen. It was so easy once you describe it steps to take it apart.

  8. Rather taking it apart what cleaning solution can i use to clean so the tub fills faster

  9. I can’t recommend any chemical solutions for cleaning, since that’s not my expertise, but it could be because of your local water pressure issues, check with your water company.

    Check for other causes like:
    – Check your water valves if they are both open all the way.
    – Check other faucets in the house to see if they are pouring water slower/less.
    – Check if any of the water hoses are bent/squeezed.

  10. I notice that this post was put up in September, 2010. Well, more than six years later, it is still helping people. My need was simple: How to get the agitator out. I had a long piece of strong cord wrapped around the agitator, and needed to remove it. However, after reading your post, above, I went further and gave my machine a good clean. It was a surprise to discover how bad it was in there, and to think that I wash my clothes in all that disgusting filth.
    Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.

  11. Ever since I washed a load of curtains that I accidentally left a curtain pin in my speed Queen AWN412 sounds like it has a pin clicking around in it when it agitates or when it spins out. It is very loud like thin metal rubbing around on something else metal and it is the loudest during spin but when at max spinning speed it stops. Using your instructions I disassembled the entire machine. I found nothing. put it back together and it still sounds that way. Where all could a pin flow to and get trapped so that after the washer fills it becomes present again? I thought for sure in the tub or between the tubs but it isn’t there. I didn’t check the part with the water for balancing but I don’t see how it would get in there. or am I possibly dealing with a bad part and the load of curtains was a coincidence maybe.

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