Autumn = Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Dinner

Betty Crocker Complete Thanksgiving CookbookThanksgiving Day is celebrated in the USA and some other countries sometime in Autumn. In the United States Thanksgiving Day holiday is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of the November, and it is an annual American tradition since 1863. From the beginning of America the Thanksgiving Day was a holiday or a harvest festival where people were Giving Thanks To God, because with God’s help people were able to reap the fruits and vegetables from their farms and gardens.

And we should always remember to Thank God for everything He gives us. Stop looking at and blaming some Christians for messing up your relationship with God, because it is between YOU and God alone. When was the last time you respected God and thanked Him for creating you, feeding you, clothing you, protecting you, and helping you with many other things? Think about it, take some time alone in a quiet place and really think about this, because your eternal life may depend on this.

Thanksgiving RecipesSo, it is Autumn season or like some people call it Fall season. In this season people will have a chance to either celebrate a pagan, satanic, evil, and useless holiday called halloween, or they can celebrate an important, meaningful, thankful, and healthy holiday called Thanksgiving Day. Which one are you going to celebrate? The Good one or the Bad one? If you choose the Thanksgiving day, then good for you and people around you. If you choose the Bad one, then I hope you’ll soon understand how dangerous and stupid it is for you and your family. But if you choose to celebrate both of these holidays, then You Are a Hypocrite!

On Thanksgiving Day normal people like to gather with their families and enjoy a nice Thanksgiving Dinner which usually includes a Roasted Turkey, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Turnip, Cranberry Sauce, Buttered Rolls, and something made with Pumpkin. People can pretty much have everything or anything they want for Thanksgiving Dinner, because it happens in Autumn season, and that is when all or most of the fruits and vegetables finish growing and are ripe and ready to be picked or gathered. Below this article I provided a typical Thanksgiving Dinner choices image, and on the right of this article you can see some recommended Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Books. So, check them out and Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day :)

The Thanksgiving Table: Recipes and Ideas to Create Your Own Holiday TraditionIf you are planning to a Turkey or Potatoes for your Thanksgiving Dinner, then check out my previous posts on Turkey Nutrients and Health Benefits and on Potato Nutrients and Health Benefits.



New England Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

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