Hospitals Should Not be the Cause of Infection

Not On My Watch - HAI - Healthcare Associated InfectionsToday I’ve got an email with this heading “Hospitals Should Not be the Cause of Infection” and I quickly read through it. Then it got me interested and I decided to post it on my Health Blog. First, I thought to write everything in my own words, but then I just don’t want to get into this since I am not a doctor and I don’t work in any hospitals. But, since I wouldn’t want to get some kind of infection if and when I would go to a hospital, then I decided to just let you all know what is going on (just in case you didn’t yet). I’d recommend staying away from hospitals and doctors period. But, since in some really extreme emergencies we still need to go to a doctor, then we should all somehow influence the nurses and doctors to be more cautious, carefull, and sanitary while treating their patients. I don’t know about you but I know I’d be really pissed off if I would get some stinking infection just because my nurse or doctor wasn’t following their safety regulations. Anyway, below is the letter I got, so read it and spread it to elliminate these kind of issues. Here is the letter…

Hello Vladimir

Earlier this year, the Department of Health & Human Services released its annual report on the quality of health care Americans receive. While there have been some improvements, hospitals still have work to do to put an end to the ongoing – but solvable – problem of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

Caregivers and other healthcare professionals know steps need to be taken to protect patients from HAIs, but it will take strong leadership to make the changes necessary to reduce the likelihood of these life-threatening infections. To help achieve this goal, Kimberly-Clark Health Care launched “Not on My Watch”, a website that provides tools and information to help facilities eliminate HAIs.

I hope you will help in this effort by informing the readers of Genuine Aid Natural Healthy Blog about this initiative. I’ve created a useful site that you’re welcome to grab resources from:

I’m also pleased to announce that Kimberly-Clark will match all year-end gifts to the AORN Foundation made by AORN members up to $20,000. All donations will be used to support education, research and patient safety initiatives.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information. If you are able to post about this, I’d love to get the link to your post.

Thank you,


Barbara Dunn

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