Radiation and Disaster Preparation

Chernobyl Nuclear ReactorOn April 26th, 1986 at 1:23 am local time in Chernobyl, Ukraine (formerly an Ukrainian SSR), occurred deadly historic explosions due to extreme power increase at reactor number 4 after a systems test. Since some of the government officials didn’t want people to know all the details regarding the radioactivity and didn’t provide the sufficient evacuation process, many innocent people, animals, and plants have died or suffered extreme health issues. Some people including children developed thyroid cancer due to exposure of massive radiation. A Belarus National Academy of Sciences estimated that about 270,000 of people would develop cancers in their bodies and that 93,000 of those people would most likely die. Later on people cleaned up the radioactive pieces then they put them all back into the number 4 nuclear reactor and covered it all with lots of concrete, which is now called Sarcophagus or Stone Coffin.

Earthquake spots in Japan.On March 11th, 2011 at 2:46 pm local time near Sendai, Japan, occurred another huge catastrophic event after which people are still suffering with lots of after-effects. First Japan got hit with a hard 9.0 magnitude megathrust earthquake, it is the most powerful known earthquake that ever hit Japan and one of the top five known powerful earthquakes in the world since 1900’s. Then that Earthquake triggered very powerful and deadly tsunami waves of up to 33 feet (or 10 meters) high. Some of these waves in some of the places in Japan got as far as 6 miles (or 10 kilometers) inland, and smaller waves hit many other countries which surround the Pacific Ocean. That tsunami caused extreme and severe damage to Japanese people, animals, plants, soil, roads, railways, bridges, vehicles, buildings, electricity lines, water lines, electrical generators, and even a dam. Because of the earthquake and tsunami Japan’s three Nuclear Reactors suffered dangerous explosions which led to the release of some of the radiation into the air. As of March 18th, 2011 and as far as we all know none of the meltdowns have occurred yet. Hundreds of people already got radiation in their bodies. Many of the government officials from around the world advise the Japanese people to leave Japan at once. Since Russia is so close to Japan, some of its near by cities are already evacuating or have evacuated. As of today March 18th, 2011 the number of people dead or infected with radioactivity is still unknown because the Nuclear Reactors are not contained yet.

These events make me feel really sad and sorry for the Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian, Japanese, and other people who have suffered from all these disasters. Just going through all the pictures, videos, and reports makes me think why does this have to happen… Why would God do this? Because of their sins so others would repent and get saved? Or to show His Glory and Strength so others would repent and get saved? I do know this that God and His plans are too Big to fit into my little microscopic brain so I’ll never be able to fully understand His way while I’m in this earth body (or suit). So, I don’t know for sure, why any disasters happen. Also, I know that whatever God does, He does it for the better future of His chosen people.

So what should the rest of us do while we are still alive? Repent. First Repent if you haven’t already, that way you are ready to go to heaven if anything else happens. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ as your one and only savior who died on the cross for you and me and then resurrected and went to God the Father to prepare a place for those who will choose Him and not satan. If you believe in a fat little or big dude who is called Buddha that he could save you or give you a better life, then you are wrong because you were fooled. Search deep in your heart, ask God to help you find the Truth, and you’ll see that it’s Jesus Christ. Also, just to remind you if you didn’t know already, the only way to fight or get rid of satan (or devil) is by using the Name of Jesus Christ, nothing else and no one else, now that is the fact. So, why am I bringing God into this subject, isn’t this a Natural Health Blog? Well, yes this is a Natural Health Blog and this is my Blog, and since I’m saved by Jesus Christ, I am a Christian, I want to be a true Christian and not a hypocrite. So, I want all people whoever saw me or heard of me or read something of mine, to know how to get saved and why they should get saved, because then you can have the True Peace, Love, and Joy in your heart. We all know that every single person needs these three treasures and every single person looks for them, but many people look for them in the wrong places or in the wrong people. Radiation is powerful, disasters and accidents happen and come in surprises without notifications, that is why you need to be ready to die and not worry about death.

Now for those who are saved or thinking to get saved, you must remember others. What do I mean? I mean make sure that you are not selfish and help others when they need help. Can you donate? Can you volunteer to go somewhere and help someone for free without charging them? Or, can you pray for those in need? If yes, then please don’t wait get up and go do something. Do you want to donate to those suffering Japanese? Then follow this link to the Red Cross Website and donate to any specific disaster relief and show them your true genuine aid. Imagine if a million people would donate at least a dollar, that would be a million dollars that Red Cross organization could use to help those Japanese.

Also, since this Radiation or Chemical Threats are becoming more and more popular these days and that deadly junk can spread out pretty far, then maybe we should be somewhat prepared for it. How? Here are some of the tips and ideas, of course you can say that you’ll just trust God to take care of you… well some people would like to trust God while having those things too… or some people would like to use those things to help others… or you might die and go to heaven but the people who are left behind might need to use those things… Whatever the case maybe, just check this list out and then decided whatever you want:

1. – Keep you vehicle’s gas tank full and maybe fill up some extra fuel containers for emergencies like evacuations, hide outs, or helping others. A four wheel drive and high vehicle would be best.
2. – Get lots of duct tape and large plastic material to cover or protect yourself, your doors, your windows, or whatever that is you want to cover from the radiation or chemicals.
3. – Get a radio for emergencies to stay up-to-date on things if anything is to happen, find one that can be charged by itself.
4. – Buy a rechargeable flashlight that has a little generator in it.
5. – Get a Utility Knife and a good size Hunting Knife for emergencies.
6. – Collect some spare cash to take with you if you must leave your home forever.
7. – Get a KJV Holy Bible so you have something good and useful to read to help you stay mentally stable while going through future difficult times.
8. – Buy a really good water filter.
9. – Keep a small storage of food, salt, and water that can last for a long time, make sure to use it up if you already had it for a long time, and buy new ones instead. Dry Kelp (Seaweed) can be kept for good period of time – to find out the Nutrients and Health Benefits of Kelp Follow This Link and maybe buy some for yourself.
10. – Buy some important emergency medical supplies like Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium Iodide (Helps Protect Thyroid in Your body from Radiation), Moist Wipes or Towelettes, Different kinds of Bandages, Soap, Tweezers, Scissors, Plastic Non-Latex Gloves, New Clean Razor Blades, and maybe some Anti-Biotics. (A good First Aid Kit should have most of the important emergency things in it).
11. – Get a good Blanket or Sleeping Bag for each family member and a tent for the whole family. Also, prepare the most important clothing for each family member for both warm and cold weather conditions.
12. – Buy some rope that could even pull a car.
13. – Get good working Batteries, Chargers, or Generators if you’ll need them for any of your things that you will have or take with you.
14. – Find some Dust Masks, and/or Gas Masks.
15. – Get some Maps of the places where you will be or might go to.
16. – Put together a small most important collection of tools like a hammer, set of pliers, and a set of screwdrivers.
17. – Some clean paper, pens, and pencils.
18. – Get some Matches or Lighters.

If you think you’ll need something else, then get it ready, but remember that you may not be able to take it all with you at a time of a disaster, because you’ll either die and leave it for someone else or you’ll just won’t have enough time to gather it all. So, try to keep it all handy if possible. After making this list I realized how much I would like to take, even my laptop, but you just can’t. Also, if you have a pet, especially a dog, make sure that you take it with you when leaving the house in time of emergency, because the dog can really help you stay protected or help you find other people. Below this article are some of the products that you may want to consider getting for yourself for emergencies. With times like these and weather conditions like today I would really recommend having at least one vehicle in your family that has all four wheels drive. Also, if you live on a very low altitude level or really close by an ocean, then you should consider moving away from there, especially if you are in California, you know who you are :) You have been warned so many times already, so don’t be shocked when you’ll find yourself under the water suddenly.

Just be smart… Think… but don’t think too hard, because you’ll give yourself a headache and you won’t have room to trust God. Don’t trust or wait for the government or media, because they will only tell you what they want you to know and Not what you must know. Be ready for anything, that is why being saved and/or having your whole family saved by the One and True God helps a lot, because then if you, your wife, or your kids die you’ll know in your heart that they are in a better place. Of course you’ll have hard time letting them go, but if their time came to go, then you must let them go, and continue living the way God wants you to be living. I know that I sound like a smart ass right now because I haven’t lost anyone from my family and everything around me is so far so good, but I know I myself will need to read this in hard times, because usually at really hard times people don’t want to listen to anyone they just want to be left alone. Just remember not to get really depressed, it’s not good for your health and for your mentality.

This is a huge article, I didn’t expect it to be this huge. I was planing to write a lot, but didn’t think that it’s going to be this big :) I just wanted to say everything that I got on my mind after viewing and listening to the troubles people have today around the world especially Japan. I’m really sorry if I offended anyone, didn’t mean to, I just really want to help those who need help, advice, or ideas. That is why this blog is called Genuine Aid. So, if you have any ideas on what people should take with them, then share it with us here below this article in the comments section.

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