12 Tips to Have a Shinny Summer Hair

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A woman’s most precious accessory is her hair. This is why you should make sure to take care of it and make it shine during the summer.

In case your hair is dried out, it will get the moisture from the air, getting frizzy. This problem can be easily solved through using nourishing shampoo. Also don’t forget to let the hair soak for a bit of extra time.

Find the right style
If you have problems with styling your hair, stop fighting with it and start working. An easy solution is to create a half up-do. Leave the hair loose around the shoulders and sweep up the puffy portion.

Up to now you might have flipped your head upside down while blowing. This is great for volume, but it roughs up the cuticle and it creates fizzes. Try standing up and aim your nozzle upwards.

Smooth the hair
The frizzes and the greasy residue are easily neutralized through silicone products. Apply the cream to damp hair and apply spray after blow drying.

Moist the hair
You could think that it is chlorine that makes your hair become green, but actually it is the copper found in the water. In case you are swimming often, use a leave-in conditioner to stop the effects of copper. Otherwise just moist your hair with water before jumping in so the hair won’t soak in that much copper.

No more orange
It is possible for brown hair to turn orange because of the sunrays. To make sure that this won’t happen make sure that they hair is hydrated. Apply a mask about two times a week.

UV protection
In our days every product comes in a type that has UV protection. You can also do this at home, by watering the sunscreen until it gets a milky consistence. Pour it into a spray bottle and apply it to the hair to create a shield.

The tips of your hair
The tips of your hair get the most damaged during the summer. To protect them you should tuck the ends beneath a hat, create a faux bob or a looped bun. Color protective spray might also work wonders for the color of the tips.

In case there are some streaky sections you should take care of them through applying a semi-permanent dye at home. Use it for 5 minutes and then simply rinse.

Take a look at your flat iron or curling iron. In case there is a filmy finish it is possible that you have a buildup on your hair as well. Add baking soda to a damp towel and clean the tools that you are using.

Make it shine
Mix vinegar with water and pour it over your dry hair and rinse with cool water. The vinegar breaks down the environmental residue.

Go natural
Use certain botanicals such as cassia to achieve smoothly lying strands. You can find these in the majority of the drugstores.

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