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Foods for Healthy Teeth.We hear a lot of information about which foods and drinks are good for our health. Indeed, it seems like each and every day a new article makes headlines proclaiming the “10 best superfoods” to keep you healthy. However, did you know that there are foods and drinks that can also benefit your dental health through natural means? Of course, most tooth health has to do with dental care, and methods you can read about on websites like However, here are a few words on some of the top 10 foods for dental health, as declared by

- As you’ve no doubt heard before, organic dairy products tend to be very strong in terms of their calcium content (which is why they’re said to strengthen bones). This can help them to strengthen the enamel in your teeth, which will make them less prone to damage or even decay. When choosing to buy a Milk product make sure to buy Organic or Raw from a local trusted farmer.

- Much as they benefit your overall health through high vitamin C content, most citrus fruits can also be helpful for your teeth. Vitamin C can help your teeth to grow, and citrus can actually also assist in naturally removing stains from your teeth, to keep them white.

- Somewhat surprisingly, gum and toothpaste can also be very helpful for your dental health, but only if it contains the one important natural sweetener called Xylitol. Stay away from Fluoride in any product. It just so happens that Xylitol can actually help improve your teeth’s health. There are many testimonies available today where Xylitol enriched gum or toothpaste helped people to get rid of their cavities and prevent them from coming back.

- Cinnamon is also on the somewhat surprising list of foods that can help you relieve a toothache. Some people just make the Cinnamon into powder and apply it to their hurting tooth and some mix it up with some raw honey before applying it to that tooth.

There is plenty more of information out there with regard to foods and drinks that can be helpful, or detrimental, to your dental hygiene and tooth strength. The important thing to remember is that this is something to consider, much like you consider the way certain foods or drinks will affect your overall bodily health. The right diet, combined with careful dental care, can result in your having healthy, clean teeth that result in the bright white, comfortable smile you want.

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