Healthy Energy Salad Meal

Healthy Energy Salad Meal

For this article I decided to share my family’s current Healthy Energy Salad which we have been enjoying. Yep, I said my family, not just me or my wife, the kids LOVE it too. I mean seriously, this is not “one of those salads” or “healthy but disgusting” meals. This salad is very easy to make and almost totally Raw, the corn and the olives came from cans. Also, this salad doesn’t get disgustingly soft, soggy, and rotten for at least three or more days.

As you can see in the picture above the ingredients contained in this large bowl of salad are; About 3 Carrots, A Small Onion, 2 Cucumbers, 3 Red Bell Peppers, 2 Romaine Lettuce Hearts, 2 Cans of Extra Large Pitted Ripe Olives, and 2 Cans of Golden Sweet Corn. The Corn and the Olives both contain Sea Salt. If you’d like to see the Nutrients and Health Benefits of some of these kinds of Vegetables, then just click on their names.

Get all of these vegetables, wash them, and clean them. Then, start chopping them and cutting them up in the pieces as small or as large as you’d like. Put it all into one big enough bowl and mix it all up. Do NOT add any kind of Sauces, Oils, Dressings, or Spices to the salad yet, that stuff will make your salad soggy and not fresh. After you mixed up the salad, cover it with the clear plastic wrap, and put it away into the refrigerator until you decide to enjoy it.

When you’ll decide to enjoy the salad, simply take it out, mix it up, add your favorite spices, salts, oil, sauce, and/or dressing. We like to add fresh diced tomatoes too. I personally like to eat this salad with Unrefined Sunflower Oil, especially the one you get at a Russian or Ukrainian Grocery stores called Kubanochka. This Sunflower oil smells the best out of all other similar oils and it is darker then the rest of the Sunflower Oils, click here to read more about it. Also, I like to add salt and black pepper to this salad, that is how the kids and I enjoy it and love it. Oh, and we also like to have a toasted slice of bread with it which makes it much funner and yummier. My wife likes to enjoy this salad with only Balsamic Vinegar and without any bread.

When you prepare this salad you can change the amounts of the vegetables that you’d like to include in it. Sometimes we add Cilantro Herb or exclude the Bell Peppers and/or Carrots. In other words, put together the vegetables that YOU like and in your own preferred amounts. Remember, to keep it fresh, don’t add any liquids or spices into it. When I enjoy this kind of Energy Salad Meal and feel great afterwards, and I feel lots of energy to do things that need to get done. On the other hand when I eat Pasta meals or Potatoes, I just want to go to sleep, because all the energy goes into cooking or dissolving that food. So, yeah, if you want and Natural Healthy Energy Booster, and if you want to get a healthy filling meal, then I really recommend that you give this salad a try.

Also, if you are into Raw foods and snacks, then check this downloadable e-book out below called “Top 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats”…

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