How To Avoid Eating After Seven

Avoid Eating After Seven.To avoid eating after seven in the evening can be challenging sometimes, but it sure is worth it. You can pretty much consider this article as another healthy weight loss diet plan. I’m sure that if some people who want or need to loose weight would follow this plan, then they would loose a good amount of fat. So, let’s stop blabbering about this topic and instead let’s review these Seven Tips on How to Avoid Eating after Seven…

1. – Brush and Floss your Teeth. About half an hour after dinner go brush, floss, and rinse your teeth. This step should help discourage you from eating again before you go to sleep. Accomplishing this step will definitely help your weight loss, prevent weight gain, and promote your oral health.

2. – Stock up on Healthy Snacks/Foods only. If you stock up your freezer with ice cream and your shelves with chips, then you will always keep that in mind which then will be harder to resist. Instead, stock your shelves with healthy nuts, fruits, and veggies. So, when you do give up and still go to snack on something late at night, you won’t have the option of something totally unhealthy. Some people including me sometimes like to have chocolate in the evening, but that usually will ruin your sleep and your weight watching, especially dark chocolate ;) So, I’d recommend staying away from it too.

3. – Go to Bed Early. Yep, it’s that simple, just go to bed at like 9:00 or 10:00, it is healthier for your body and mind. Your immune system gets a good boost when you go to sleep earlier. Many people including myself have noticed how you get sick faster after going to bed late at night, and you don’t have energy in the morning either.

4. – Drink some Water or Tea, but without any snacks. Good clean water or some healthy herbal tea without the caffeine is definitely a good substitution for late snacks or foods. If you’ll have some Chamomile Tea it can even promote your sleep too. Pay attention, I didn’t say milk, alcohol, eggnog, or coffee, this kind of stuff is definitely not very healthy for you even if some “doctor” recommended it.

5. – Eat a Good Healthy Satisfying Dinner. If you’ll have a good healthy amount of good healthy dinner, then your body shouldn’t want to snack on anything else. On the other hand, if you’ll eat something boring and dull, then of course you’ll want to snack on something sweet, fat, or salty. Make sure to have that for dinner, and yes, there are healthy sweets, fats, and salts.

6. – Do a simple exercise. Don’t over do it though, just exercise enough to kill that snack craving. You’ll prevent yourself from gaining weight and at the same time you’ll loose some too.

7. – Play a Game. Oops… Did I say that out loud? Yep I did. After dinner you shouldn’t have much to do at night anyway, so why not and enjoy a good video game, computer game, or a family board game. I was gonna say read the Bible, but you’re suppose to do that in the morning before you start your day and your busy schedule. By playing a good game after dinner you’ll most likely won’t have time for any snacking. Note how I said a good game, nothing bloody, inappropriate, or evil, those kind of games shouldn’t even be in your house. The adults and kids who play that crap usually become mental, weird, and crazy.

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