How To Build Permaculture Garden

Permaculture GardenAfter the rising popularity of Organic gardening comes a new variety in organic gardening that goes beyond; its known as permaculture organic gardening. Permaculture organic gardening is simply sustainable plant growing. It is now purposefully getting popular due to the realization of the need for an affordable and a low maintenance gardening.

With that, here are some basic facts to start permaculture gardening:

- First is to handpick the most suitable location. In choosing your location, the number one factor to consider is the need for plenty of sunlight. Master your property, observe the location in which there is ample sunlight and where shade falls for most of the day. If in your area, the sun is shy then you might want to expose your plants more. Sunlight is good but you wouldn’t want your plants to be dehydrated by too much sun exposure or by extensive wind. Bottom-line is be acquainted with the weather in your area and then plant accordingly.

- Secondly, determine early on which plants to plant and which plants to avoid and to not include in your garden. A general rule is to choose a plant that is suited to grow in your area rather than plants that would need extra effort in protecting them from the environment and conditions in your location. You may also bed-in multipurpose plants and native plants that naturally attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies. Dodge plants that easily acquire diseases, these are high-maintenance plants.

- The third step is to prepare a shelter for your plants. Opt to use a raised bed for three reasons; air circulates better in raised beds, plants in raised beds are protected from frigidity brought about during spring and raised beds improves water usage. It’s a good option especially if you are an urban dweller and you don’t have that much space to grow your plants since here you use containers.

- After settling your plants, the next step is to feed and water your plants. Wastes of different kinds can be recycled and re-used by having a garden and turning these stuff to compost that can be used in growing your plants. Permaculture gardening uses natural water sources like rain and ground water in watering your plants to promote sustainability.

- Lastly is to secure your plants by driving pests away by natural methods such as companion planting. Companion planting is discussed further in and Poultry can also help in obliterating pests and their manure can help in your garden soil as well.

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