What Are The Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

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You have most likely heard of the old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that there’s another tasty and sumptuous food that can make you hearty and robust? Yes there is – and that’s organic dark chocolates! But before we investigate the advantages and good things that dark chocolates bring, let’s try to pick up first what these goodies have that makes them the best for your health.

The key ingredient in dark chocolate is the cacao. Cacao is the healthy part in chocolate. Ergo, the less sugar and milk and other components put inside the chocolate makes the chocolate more pure and resembles more to cacao. A general rule in chocolate is that the darker it is, the healthier it is. If the major component of the chocolate is cacao, meaning its comprised of 70%-90% cacao then you are assured to have a hearty and delicious dark chocolate. If it has a considerable amount of sugar and milk you are far from getting healthy and I suggest you lessen if not avoid such chocolates.

There have been studies showing that cacao seeds can be considered as “Super Fruits” that supplies nutritional values that are in a more advanced point than their macronutrient makeup. Though dark chocolates may sound to be the super food that is the answer to our health needs, dark chocolate need not be taken in big quantities like people do taking a miracle health supplement. A piece or two eaten daily is an ample dose to aid good health.

An organic chocolate bar commonly weighs 100 grams. It’s interesting to note that supporting studies found out that people who consume 7.5 grams of dark chocolate are safeguarded against most heart conditions.

Now that you know what makes organic dark chocolates healthy and nutritious, here are some specific benefits that organic dark chocolates give. Now let’s look at the health benefits of dark chocolate:

1. – First it decreases the likelihood of having cardiac disease or stroke because it aids in lowering your blood pressure.

2. – Reputable studies also reveal that organic dark chocolates degrade the risk of having colorectal cancer thanks to cocoa polyphenols. Here’s an eye-opening fact, dark chocolates has plenty of oleic acids that are good antioxidants and prevents frightening heart diseases.

3. – Another fact to break the myth is that organic dark chocolates actually avert obesity and diabetes by meliorating glucose metabolism.

4. – Here’s a combo of benefits, it improves brain function and moods thanks to serotonin that helps produce endorphins in the body.

5. – The last benefit is for husbands, organic dark chocolate relieves PMS occurrence. So husbands you know the best gift to give your wives!

Below are some of the most popular and most remarkable Dark Chocolates in the World. Feel free to Get some for your wife, husband, or for yourself :)

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