Be Slim Without Depriving Yourself

Be slim without depriving yourself.The sad thing about being obsess is that you cannot hide it like the imperfection of the skin by using some ultimate cosmetics. You have to work hard for it. But what are the right methods is pretty ambiguous many times.

People are always telling you what to eat and what makes you fat. The funny thing is that those who tell you all this do not know the actual truth themselves. They have taken it from what has been carried from one generation to another. So, they just carry on the age-old myths like thousand others.

They are not aware that you can eat all that you want and still be slim. The secret is in maintaining a good balance between the foods that you must eat and foods that you love to eat. Read ahead to know how you can strike this perfect balance and eat right without depriving yourself of your favorite foods:

1. – Eat In Moderation – Okay, you love brownies but size does matter a lot. It is okay to indulge once in a while but while indulging in brownies, don’t forget to have a good portion of vegetables and fruits the same day. They provide you with the essential nutrients and maintain the balance. Also, remember to exercise portion control when you are eating brownies. So, the next time you have a brownie on your plate, reduce the quantity and add a salad with a healthy dressing.

2. – Keep Your Mind On Your Food – Watching TV when you are eating is one of the easiest ways to put on weight. You won’t know what has gone inside your body and how much. Keep your mind on your food when you are eating and resist eating leftovers just because they are going to be wasted. Rather than put the leftovers in your mouth, pack them away to be eaten later. Also, don’t snack when you are watching TV.

3. – Savour What You Eat – Meal times should be given their due importance. So, the next time you eat, sit down for your food without any distractions. Chew your food well like you were taught in school. This will ensure that your eating is controlled and you will feel fuller.

4. – Get A Diet Buddy – Diet buddies can help you remain focused on what you are eating and helps you to exercise portion control. It doesn’t have to be an online friend. You family can also be your diet buddies. You can sit with them and choose recipes, go grocery shopping prepare these foods. Having a diet buddy will ensure that you eat healthy foods along with your favorite dessert or sandwiches.

5. – Vacation time – Give your favorite food a leave of absence for a week. It can be your favorite latte or chips or even brownies. This will help you to wean yourself from all those fattening unhealthy foods. After a week of abstinence, indulge your taste buds a little and reward them for their sacrifice.

Remember, no food is bad. It is only the way that you eat it, which is not good. Eat all that you want but remember to exercise portion control. You will find that you remain slim without depriving yourself.

This is a guest article by Nicole C Harris who is a personal fitness trainer and a freelance writer. In her free time, Harris loves exploring beauty outfits. Recently, she came up with her own range of beauty tips.

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