Prevention of Heart Disease with Green Leafy Vegetables and Olive Oil

Green Leafy Vegetables and Olive Oil.

As the attention for heart disease prevention increases, many studies and researches are currently conducted throughout the world. One example is the team of Italian researchers who confirmed that the diets composed of green leafy vegetables as well as olive oil rich can be a major ingredient for improved heart health.

Dr. Domenico Palli and his colleague, who are working from the CRPI or the Cancer Research and Prevention Institute, have recently discovered that females eating a serving of green leafy veggies at a minimum amount per day are 46 percent less possible to have heart disease in comparison to females who are eating less vegetables. Individuals consuming at least three tablespoons of olive oil per day can have the same benefit too, the study added.

Dr. Palli hypothesized that the mechanisms that are responsible for the protective outcome of plant –based foods on heart diseases include micro-nutrients like antioxidant vitamins, folate and potassium, which are all present in green leafy vegetables. His statements confirmed the previous studies conducted about the Mediterranean Diet.

The result of Dr. Palli’s studies was published in the journal called American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study had collected useful data from approximately 30,000 Italian females and researchers have tracked the health of these women in more than eight years. The researches then conducted correlation studies of the heart disease cases to the dietary and eating habits of these individuals and they found out that the amount of both olive oil and the green leafy vegetables being consumed by an individual is directly related to the health of the heart.

in addition to providing improvements on heart health, eating foods rich in green leafy vegetables and olive oil has been proven to be an effective method of preventing as well as treating type-2 diabetes. They are also proven to lower the risk of developing breast cancer, help in maintaining healthy weight and preventing obesity. The said diet is also capable of preventing and treating prostate cancer, preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease as well as other forms of dementia and even lengthening human lifespan.

According to the authors of the book “The Myth of Alzheimer’s: What You Aren’t Being Told About Today’s Most Dreaded Diagnosis”, the different components of the Mediterranean Diet promotes reduced inflammation, serum protein levels and oxidative stress and in return, reduce the risk of vascular problems occurrence that can add to the brain aging as well as other diseases like cardiovascular/heart diseases, hypertension, dyslipidemia, stroke and diabetes.

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