Jujube Nutrients and Health Benefits

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In this article I’d like to introduce you to a research I did on a fruit called Jujube, binomially speaking Ziziphus zizyphus. Other names which people refer to this Jujube fruit are Jujuba, Red Date, Korean Date, Indian Date, or Chinese Date. Be advised that this is not the typical date fruit which grows on a palm tree, but if you would like to know more about those other dates, then read my older article called Dates Fruit Nutrients and Health Benefits.

The Jujube tree is considered to be a small tree even though it grows up to 10 meters (or almost 33 feet) high. It has thorny branches and it’s usually grown for shading purposes. If you expect your Jujube tree to provide lots of good fruits make sure to plant it in a hot sunny place and with sufficient water source.

Jujube fruit can be enjoyed raw as it is, dried, smoked, canned, pickled, or juiced. People eat these fruits in different kinds of ways like with tea, with pickles, as a jam, or as a snack by themselves. Before you decide to try some Jujube let’s look at its nutrients and benefits. So, 100 grams of Raw Jujube contains:

- Vitamin A
– Vitamin B1, Thiamin
– Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
– Vitamin B3, Niacin
– Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine
– Vitamin C (Extreme Amount)
– Protein
– Calcium
– Iron
– Magnesium
– Phosphorus
– Potassium
– Sodium
– Zinc
– Copper
– Manganese
– Natural Fats
– Carbohydrates
– Calories

According to these Nutrients above, let’s look at the Health Benefits of Jujube below…

Vitamin C:
– Improves wound healing
– Prevents cells from damages
– Improves gums health
– Improves teeth health
– Improves Immune System
– Protects from free radicals
– Reduces Aging
– Lowers Risks of some Cancers
– Improves Iron absorption
– Improves Lung health
– Prevents from frequent colds
– Protects from frequent infections

– Improves nerve function
– Improves muscle function
– Reduces confusion
– Reduces irritability
– Reduces fatigue
– Lowers chance of heart problems
– Lowers chance of high blood pressure
– Protects from chronic diarrhea
– Improves exercise ability

– Maintains healthy bones
– Improves nerve function
– Improves muscle function
– Supports Healthy blood clotting
– Reduces feet tingling
– Reduces hand tingling
– Lowers chance of retardation in children
– Reduces chance of bone deformities
– Reduces feet numbness
– Reduces hand numbness
– Improves teeth health

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