Watermelon Benefits

Watermelon Photo provided by irum at sxc.hu- Watermelons can reduce abdominal fat buildup and heart-clogging arterial plaque

The University of Kentucky’s group of researchers has demonstrated that consumption of the juice from the watermelon fruit has noteworthy impact on the arteries-clogging plaque deposition through the alteration of the blood lipids and through the reduction of the accumulation of belly fat. Heart disease is one of the major causes of death, taking millions of lives each year. The atherosclerosis or the hardening of arteries leading to heart attack is the most common form. There are wide varieties of melon species that have been showing signs of being beneficial to the human health. Through regular consumption of watermelon, fat deposition as well as weight can be managed effectively whilst the risks associated with heart diseases is lowered.

In their experiment, the researchers used mice (with a diet-induced with high cholesterol) and were given watermelon juice along with normal diet. A control group was also set: mice being fed with typical diet and plain water. After studying for eight weeks, mice having watermelon juice in their diet had lower body weight in comparison to the control group and this decrease in weight is attributed to decrease in fat mass. Lean mass is basically equal. Still, there are important findings such as viable muscle tissue and loss of weight because abdominal body fat was lost.

- Watermelon can improve Lipid Profile and lowers Fat Accumulation leading to Lower risk of Heart Disease

Studies also showed that the cholesterol was lowered significantly for the mice that had watermelon juice compared to the controlled group. There was also modest reduction in intermediate and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol concentration. An examination conducted for the areas of lesion affected by plaque revealed that the group supplemented with watermelon juice had experienced significant decrease in atheroma formation on the artery walls. There was also a reduction in the risk of progressive arterial hardening and ultimately, the heart attack.

Dr. Sibu Saha, the Lead investigator, concluded that watermelons have health benefits especially for the human heart. Any kind of intervention, stabilizing or slowing the growth of arterial plaque will lead to critical reduced risk of atherosclerosis or the arterial hardening.

Just like other fruits and vegetables, watermelons have carotenoid antioxidant compounds promoting wellness, health and are endowed with properties that are able to fight disease. Watermelons get their red color from Lycopene – substance known to fight cancers of the colon and prostate. Consuming watermelons is deeply associated with protection against the macular degeneration of the eyes and helps in lowering the blood pressure and improving the insulin signaling. Three cups of watermelon juice or equivalent to 2 ½ cups of fruit chunks is enough for having Lycopene significantly.

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