How Can We Prevent Heart Disease

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In the US alone, more than a hundred thousand people die due to heart disease each year. Statistics revealed that based on current figures, the health care expenses for treating heart diseases can triple by the year 2030. In order to treat this disease, it is imperative that we start prevention now. Studies have shown that one in every three Americans or 33% of the population contract some form of heart disease. The expenses for medical treatment and care for heart disease are projected to rise from the current $273 billion to staggering $818 billion provided that the ability to prevent this disease is the same.

In order to treat and prevent the heart diseases as well as other diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure, coronary heart disease and many more, we have to consider its causes. Natural and Healthy prevention can be used. So, for your question on how can we prevent heart disease, let’s look below at the three proven and natural ways to prevent heart disease:

1. – Healthy diet and food – the food you eat says a lot about your health. Staying away from processed meats is recommended. Harvard University’s scientists discovered that for every 1.8 ounces of processed meat that you consumed a day, the risk of suffering from heart disease is increased by 42%. Eating fresh vegetables, fruits and foods rich in omega-3 are recommended.
2. – Regular and proper exercise – there are ongoing researches about how proper exercise can do good for the heart and blood circulation. Many studies showed that regular exercise can reduce blood pressure, and minimize strain on the heart, and it can increase good HDL cholesterol. You can do a 30-minute walk a day, alternatively, one hour thrice a week or engage in aerobic exercises and activities.
3. – Stress dealing – experts agree that stress can induce chronic heart disease. it is important that you know how to handle bad stress in your life. Possible ways to combat stress is relaxation, simple deep breathing, exercises, or by having a good relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are pharmaceutical drugs developed for heart diseases, but these would not treat heart disease problems. In fact, drugs manufactured by “some company” were found to increase HDL and decrease the LDL cholesterol. These findings resulted to 25% increase in the number of deaths from heart attacks and over 200% increase in deaths to individuals taking that drug. Hence, they had to stop its production even if they had spent over $800 million for the drug. (The drug’s name and company is kept private to prevent any lawsuits).

In the US alone, heart disease is one of the top three causes of death. One of the best selling drugs are taken by individuals with heart disease. Still, this drug is incapable of reducing the number of heart attacks and deaths. Save lives against heart attack by increasing awareness of the natural preventive methods on heart disease.

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  1. Having a good diet plays an important role in our life, it is essential to have a good health and not that prone to any diseases. The food we eat is the main reason why we can become healthy or not. Heart problem is one common cause of death in our society, though it is common and not new to us, but still there are many victims of it especially for those who always eat unhealthy or processed foods and doesn’t involve to any good physical activities and exercises.

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