Natural Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables.
Natural or organic fruits and vegetables are a healthy and simple way to help you stay healthy or kick-start your weight loss. Combining your favorite fruits and veggies with other nutritious foods like lean meats and whole grains will not only add spice and flare to your diet routine; it will spike your energy, reduce stress and keep your waistline trim.

The benefits of making fruits and veggies a staple of your diet go far beyond just keeping you feeling good and looking great; fruits and vegetables help your body fight and prevent crippling diseases including heart disease and cancer. Fruits and vegetables such as apples, kale, grapes, zucchini, oranges, broccoli, apricots, tomatoes, avocado and squash—just to name a few—deliver a wealth of nutrients, including vitamins, proteins, and minerals that do miracles for how you feel. They are rich in fibers, which keep your metabolism running smoothly, as well as antioxidants, which help harmonize your body and keep you young.

In addition to being life’s best medicine, eating fruits and vegetables can help you stay fit without taking all the fun out of food. That is, losing weight doesn’t mean having to go hungry! Fruits and vegetables are a great way to consume fewer calories without eating less! It is well known that to lose weight you must have a caloric deficit; you must consume fewer calories than your body burns. Fresh, all natural fruits and veggies are ideal for a weight loss diet as they are generally low fat foods devoid of nasty preservatives and other unnatural ingredients frequently found in processed foods. Many vegetables even have the added benefit of having a negative caloric value as the sheer act of consuming them burns more calories than they are able to provide. The natural supply of healthy nutrients packed into fruits and veggies make them a vital weight loss ingredient and means never having to quit eating to achieve it. All this, while being delicious and filling.

Introducing fruits and veggies to your diet is easy and can be loads of fun. First, begin by adding them to your breakfast; at the start of your day, add your favorite fruit—like strawberries or bananas, to your cereal or pack your breakfast omelets with leafy veggies like as onions, spinach or mushrooms. For lunch, have a veggie loaded, leafy sandwich with a bit less of the fatty stuff such as meat and cheese or build a salad full-up with fruit and veggies you love! You will feel satisfied while keeping your calories low. Finally, at dinner throw some cut-up veggies like peppers, onions and tomatoes into a pan and mix it up with spinach or green beans to make a delicious stir fry. Have your stir fry compliment a small amount of wholegrain pasta with chicken breast or a lean piece of steak. These simple changes will have your taste buds tantalized and grateful without making your tummy expand. Additionally, fruits and veggies make for great snacks between meals!

Natural fruits and vegetables are a tasty and simple way of keeping your body vigorous and healthy. Remember to use natural ingredients whenever possible, keeping away from canned or frozen fruits and vegetables. Also, be wary of foods loaded with preservatives and other negative ingredients such as added sugar or sweeteners. If you’re not getting enough fruits and vegetables it’s time that you get out there and give them a whirl, today’s as good a day as any to find out just what you’ve been missing!

This post was written for GenuineAid Natural Healthy Blog by Karen Danish, LAP. Karen is a licensed acupuncture physician and a valued staff member at, a Tampa Acupuncture Clinic.

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