3 Popular Types Of Health Insurance

3 Popular Types Of Health Insurance

Shopping for a Health Insurance can sometimes be very difficult. People usually ask which type of Health Insurance is better, or if they are qualified to get the one they want to get. Also, knowing what’s more affordable and more beneficial can save you lots of headaches. In this article I’ll try to explain the 3 popular types of Health Insurance which people should know about.

- State-Sponsored Health Insurance. This is a very valuable Health Insurance for the low-income families, or for those who are unemployed, or for the employees who don’t benefit from a group plan and senior citizens. State-sponsored health insurance plans include Medicare and Medicaid. Pretty much these plans accommodate the limited-income individuals and families. Below are some of the benefits of the state-sponsored health insurance:

- Either Free or the cheapest insurance option there is
– Doesn’t depend on the pre-existing health issues
– Decreases out-of-pocket costs over some period of time

- Group Health Insurance. This is usually the most preferred type of health insurance. Usually this is an employer-sponsored health insurance. If you are working for a good company, then you can most likely get this kind of insurance for yourself and for your whole family. Some of the benefits of the Group Health Insurance are:

- Typically more affordable than an individual health insurance policy
– Includes more options of medical services and coverage
– Doesn’t exclude applicants based on their age or preexisting conditions

- Individual Health Insurance Policy. This type of insurance policy suppose to cover you, your spouse, and your dependents. Typically, an individual health insurance policy costs more than a group health insurance policy, because the policyholder is responsible for all premium payments. Below are a few benefits of having an individual health insurance policy:

- You can claim it on your taxes
– The most custom health insurance policy than any other
– The policyholder has more control over their insurance plan

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