How To Safely Ride a Motorcycle

How To Safely Ride a Motorcycle

Whether you have been riding and driving a motorcycle for more years than you could remember, or you are just a novice rider, here are safety tips that applies to everyone:

First is to make sure that you are equipped and well prepared for the riding season. Here are some things to consider in doing that. After a long period of winter season before using your motorbike make sure to wake it up first from hibernation.

a. First is to test three primary items; examine and turn on the lights, the breaks and the signals. Make sure that each one is functioning properly before doing anything else.
b. Next is to ensure your oil and fuel levels. You might need to do an oil change and refill your tank with sufficient fuel.
c. Thirdly, check if your mirrors are aligned and in proper position.
d. Another very important item to check is if there are ragged or damaged cables that you might need to replace or fix.
e. After checking that make sure to lubricate and adjust the chains following your manufacturer’s features.
f. Lastly, it will not hurt you to develop those riding skills by getting into a rider training course, this might be helpful in the long run.

Secondly it is very important to settle for nothing less than a good gear. It benefits no one but you, though it may cost a little more it’s sure worth it since it’s for your protection.

a. First thing on the list is a quality helmet; buy one with the right fit. It would be nice if it has face shield but if it doesn’t you may pair it with glasses with built in safety lens or goggles.
b.Next is to go buy that leather jacket that you’ve been dreaming of. Though black looks like its kick ass it’s better to purchase the bright colored ones so that you can be seen well on the road.
c. Invest as well in durable and wearable non-slip gloves.
d.Lastly make sure to have footwear that covers your ankles, like sneakers or boots.

Thirdly, here are safety measures to help you save lots of money by preventing the likelihood of accidents to happen. Remember the saying its better safe than sorry.

a. First things first always wear the right helmet. The right helmet means it has DOT mark and it fits right.
b. Second is to not go beyond the speed limit and to know the limits of your bike. Do not underestimate the use of signals so make sure to signal on the road.
c. Learn to respect other drivers by avoiding tail gaiting and driving on shoulders. Also be sure that you’re visible so avoid the driver’s blind spots.
d. Lastly, be smart on the road and learn to use your breaks wisely.

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