Higher Health Insurance For Smokers

Higher Health Insurance For Smokers

According to a survey which was taken on November in 2006 the majority of Americans think that smokers and the obese people should be paying more for their health insurance policies. At the same time, the people who were surveyed didn’t know how to assist the millions of American citizens who currently have no health insurance.

The total number of surveyed people was more than 1,500, and 80% of them believed that the current American health care system should be improved. In 2006 it was estimated that about 46 million people in America had no health insurance. Furthermore that study indicated that 60% of those surveyed people specified favoring elevated insurance premiums for people who smoke. Also, 30% of them preferred higher insurance premiums for the obese people in the US.

In 2006 the health insurance industry surprisingly started supporting universal health insurance plan for American citizens. The rate of uninsured Americans is still rising while the prices for health care and prescription drugs are dramatically escalating.

It’s pretty much up to the Insurance Companies how much they want to charge the people with obesity and smoking issues. It’s their company so they can do what they want. Just like high risk drivers get charged more, so are the smokers and obese people should be paying more for their Health Insurance. It’s common sense, why would an insurance company want to support an individual who is intentionally destroying their body? The answer is simple, they shouldn’t, and no body should. The individual that is not taking care of themselves is going to have to pay for their own mistakes and not the American government, nor the Health Insurance Companies, nor you, and nor me.

So what should a smoker or obese people do about these issues? It’s easy, just stop your addictions. Why? Because you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your next health insurance quote. So if you are ready to buy a health insurance for yourself, then scroll to the top page and in the top right hand corner fill in your zip code and begin your insurance purchase.

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