Home Insurance Coverage

Home Insurance Coverage

From time to time people wonder what exactly are the home insurance policies cover. Normally homeowners insurance covers damage made to your home made by fire, hail, ice, lightning, sleet, smoke, snow, theft, vandalism, and wind.

Some or most Insurance Companies will also let your policy cover these areas:

- Medical payments
– Plumbing mishaps
– Personal liability
– Replacement costs
– Your possessions (both on and off the premises)

At the time when you’ll be getting your Insurance Quote, remember to ask your Insurance agent regarding these types of coverages. Did you know that some Insurance companies can provide a personal liability coverage which may insure you up to $500,000 in case of someone getting hurt inside of your home (or even if you accidentally hurt somebody on the golf course). The Insurance Coverage called Off-premise will generally protect your things, even the ones in your trunk, to a varying extent that depends on limits and deductibles.

In other words, homeowners insurance not only protects your home, it even protects you yourself and your guests. This means that a normal insurance policy covers damages made to your house, property, and some specific injuries.

To be more exact, most homeowner’s insurance coverages protect your appliances, clothing, furniture, and other things which are kept inside of your home. While shopping for Home Insurance, pay attention to the increased limits on insurance policies which cover things like art, jewelry, and other valuable collectibles.

What’s interesting about most of the homeowners insurance policies is that they do not cover damage caused by flood or earthquake. So if your home is located in an area open to these risks, you should consider buying a separate Insurance policy which will cover damages made by flood or earthquake.

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