Eating Healthy May Save You Money on Health Insurance

Eating Healthy May Save You Money on Health Insurance

Eating healthy is the best way to keep your immune system in its top shape. Having your immune system up and running means your body will be very healthy and strong against many viruses and diseases. Having your body strong and healthy may lower your insurance costs.

What? Is that true? Yep, it’s true, eating healthy may save you money on health insurance. Actually these kind of savings have been in effect in health insurance industry for quiet a while now.

There are special programs available through some insurance companies where you can get credit for having a healthy lifestyle. Is having a health credit legal? Yes, it is. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) does contain some guidelines against imposing different deductibles and premiums based on someone’s health situation. But the United Healthcare applied a Vital Measures program which uses a high deductible health care plan together with a fully insured supplemental plan that can reimburse the co-payments or deductibles which suppose to be exempt from HIPAA.

The truth of the matter is that those who have issues with nicotine, blood pressure, cholesterol, or body mass are usually open to more medical expenses which means they end up paying more for their health insurance premiums. If feeling healthier and loosing extra weight was not motivating enough for many people, then saving money on health insurance will most definitely be a good encouragement to live a healthier lifestyle.

Did you know that in Canada and some other places of the world overweight people who need some kind of surgical assistance must lose their excess weight first? So, in other words, people with bad habits put their health at risk and health insurance companies got fed up with it. It’s common sense now, healthier people with healthier lifestyles get better insurance rates than those who are lazy and careless about their eating and smoking habits.

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