Gout Arthritis – Glucosamine Help

Does your big toe hurts, stiffens, swells, and burns? Do some of your leg or foot joints painfully behave in a similar way? If your answer is YES to those questions, then you most likely have an arthritis, gout kind to be more exact. I remember many incidents of that annoying pain usually in my foot, big toe, or around knees. One time I remember the most, when one of my big toe’s joint hurt so bad that I couldn’t even think straight, I thought my toe is going to explode from the stiffness it got. The worst part about it, is that I didn’t know what was going on or how to solve it.

I started watching what I eat. I tried to make sure my shoes are in good shape. I started noticing that after eating potatoes, tomatoes, and a little too many sweets would give me that pain again. So I tried to stay away from those foods or at least consume them in very small portions. At that time I kept thinking that I have an arthritis. I really recommend that anyone who has similar pain to start paying attention when and why it’s happening.

Later on, my wife or her sister somehow found out regarding gout issues that men got. That is when I first heard the word gout, so I started to research more about it. I was relieved, because I finally started getting answers to my questions.

A little later, I started taking one of the “NOW” brand Glucosamine supplements. Depending on your physical situation, I recommend to contact your TRUSTED health practitioner or doctor regarding your decision to take Glucosamine. Immediately I started noticing improvements in my joints. Believe it or not, even my spine’s joints started getting stronger, not by much though.

After the “NOW” brand, someone recommended that I use even better brand for Glucosamine, “SOLGAR” to be exact. The pills are HUGE in size, but they are good. I was recommended to keep taking Glucosamine for at least six months. I’m not sure how long I’ve been taking them now, but it’s so worth it. Haven’t had the big toe pain for like ever now, but the knees are still bothering me a little from time to time.

Below this article feel free to leave me your testimony about your gout or arthritis issues and how you fixed it and/or what products you used.

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