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Hello and Welcome to – Genuine Aid is a Natural Healthy Blog. The purpose of this blog is to inform people about the Nutrients in Foods that they consume, and to help them understand the Health Benefits which can be reaped from those Nutrients. Also, Genuine Aid blog provides tutorials and printable materials for different everyday needs. By the way, my name is Vlad, and I recommend for people to make the right choices in their lives. I believe that people can and should find a perfect balance in their lifestyle. Don’t go 100% Vegetarian nor be 100% against Organic and Natural lifestyle. Why? Because I personally seen and heard of Vegetarians get sick and get cancers. At the same time, people who consume too much animal fats through meats and dairy have other diseases and health issues. I believe people need to figure out a perfect balance between those categories. Do not overeat nor overdose on any kind of foods. Try to make good and wise portion meals with vegetables, meats, nuts, and dairy mixed appropriately. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy different and unique nutrients and health benefits from the perfect meals. Organic or homegrown foods would be the better choices out of meats, vegetables, and dairy. So the choice is yours, but before you choose, please do your own research, because YOUR life depends on it.