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Author of GenuineAidHello and Welcome to My name is Vladimir. The purpose of this Health Blog is to let people around the world know the Nutrients and Benefits of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Beans, Meats, Herbs, Berries, and other Foods. I am against genetically engineered seeds, animals, trees and food. I support Organic Natural Nutrition and Products, but sometimes I may take Tylenol after the dentist appointment or even eat a burger just because it tastes good :) Some of the References that I use for Researches are: The KJV Bible, My Own Life Experience,,,,,, and more… I really want to Help you ALL live a healthy and better life, the choice is yours, Natural or Artificial. When you choose genetically engineered foods, you destroy yourself, your family, your friends and the environment that we all live in. Just Remember This: What You Eat is What You Are – Both – Mentally and Physically. Thank you for visiting.