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Advertise on GenuineAid.comThank you for considering to advertise here. This Blog is about very important and beneficial topics of Natural, Healthy, and Organic Products, Foods, and Lifestyle. So, if you would like to advertise here on with something similar to my topics then please continue reading all of the details for advertising here.

Guest Posts:
Write your own article about your own product, website, blog, service, or about some natural food. In your article you can include up to TWO links that point to your related article or whatever it is which must be related to my website’s Natural Healthy Lifestyle and One image for the top right corner, that image can be linkable too. The image is a Must, no image = no article. Longer articles are welcome, but not boring and not too long. Remember to send me a large image in JPEG format, and your article as TXT or as DOC file. Surround the word that you want linked by the “a href” tags. You can NOT pick the date of when you want it published, I will decide when I want your article published. You are Required to follow my rules if you want it published here. And make sure that it is not copied from somewhere else. Remember to read My Requirements Below before submitting. You’ll be emailed the price after your request is submitted.


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You can get your Banner/Graphic/Image Ad placed here on GenuineAid Blog for only $50.00 per month. If you would like to purchase a better deal for multiple months at once, then just send me an email and we can work something out ;) The Banner, Graphic, or Image Ad must be 183 pixels wide or less, and it can be as long as 366 pixels. Also, this ad and the website it is linking to MUST BE approved by me first. If your website or ad doesn’t comply with my Requirement below, then don’t even bother submitting it or subscribing for it. The Oldest Ads will stay on the Top, the most recent ones will go to the bottom, but my own affiliate ads will always be BELOW everyone’s ad.

! My Requirements !

No spam, No porn, No naked inappropriately clothed people, No bad language, No casinos, Nothing that supports getting people into debts, alcohol drinking, using drugs, smoking, or destroying someones’ property. Use Common Sense, don’t have it? then read Holy Bible to find it. Your product, website, blog, or services must be somehow related to Natural Healthy Lifestyle, Products, or Foods. I have the right to approve or disapprove your submitted info. To make everything faster and simpler just follow the rules, let me know “ALL” the details that I must know. Remember! All of these requirements apply to the destination page too, so whatever you are linking to from your submitted article MUST meet my requirements too.

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