How To Make Your Own Toothpaste

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Many people do not find the taste of fluoride-based toothpaste pleasant. Fluoride is the main ingredient used in toothpaste and deemed as capable of protecting the teeth. On the other hand, there are studies saying that fluoride can cause cancer, can damage the nervous system, and can weaken the teeth and bones. In fact, fluoride is used as a poison. History tells that Nazis made use of fluoride as poison for water of their prisoners. Fluoride can placate people allowing them to be controlled easily. After knowing these facts, you’re probably think of dumping your fluoride toothpaste. However, it will be good to know that as an alternative, you can buy toothpastes that are fluoride-free or make your own recipe.

One of the ideal ingredients to use in making your own toothpaste is coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is the main ingredient in toothpastes that are homemade due to its natural and powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. These properties are very effective in killing harmful bacteria in the mouth. Coconut oil is also a great ingredient for the health of your gums. Regular brushing can eliminate the gum problems such as bleeding and soreness. This oil also eliminates bacteria-causing gingivitis. Brushing the tongue with coconut oil also helps in managing oral thrush, which is a fungal problem in the mouth. Coconut oil is also found effective in stopping and even reversing tooth decay. Continue reading

About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Ribbon provided by psd-princess from deviantartThe feeling of pain, fear and the anticipatory surgery summarize the breast cancer awareness.

Diagnostic Medical Procedures that are dangerous:

Expert doctors and scientists in this field will repeatedly tell everyone that preventive measures like self-examination, mammograms and even removal of infected breast are the best cure. However, there are non-conforming voices elsewhere regarding these things. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., founder of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, claims that mammography is unreliable and used or profit by most medical practitioners. For him and the organization in general, routine exposure to mammograms can result to cumulative, noteworthy radiation risks and breast compression cancer. According to the data held by the Coalition notes, readings from mammograms are inaccurate and the use of this device has failed to decrease the breast cancer mortality rates. Continue reading

Fun Facts of Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Vegetables.For hundreds of years, raw and fermented vegetables have been providing effective and efficient medicinal properties to mankind. These foods are able to provide you the ideal balance of gastrointestinal tract good bacteria.

Maintenance of acidity/alkalinity is significant for every body’s continuous well-being. With proper balance in your body, you can augment life longevity, control food cravings and create a healthy environment in your body so that your digestive system will function smoothly through increased presence of good bacteria in the intestines.

The raw fermentation of vegetables is basically foods having naturally occurring lactobacillus and essential enzymes. Commercially available and cultured vegetables are subjected to heat-pasteurization process that can destroy these bacteria. It is advisable to create your own fermented vegetables by purchasing fresh vegetables so that you are ensured to get highest quality bacteria able to assist you in maintaining health and longevity. Lactobacilli in fermented foods can enhance your digestive functions and enhances phytonutrients and vitamin content in your body. This bacteria plus lactic acid can promote health in your intestines and prevent harmful bacteria growth. Continue reading

Natural Remedies to Treat Cold Sores

Cold Sore Preview.We’ve all experienced the annoyance of cold sores, those painful disgusting looking sores that pop up near and around your mouth. Cold sores are caused by the really nasty herpes simplex virus. There are 2 versions of the virus, Type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is what causes the sores that occur near your mouth and Type 2 is what causes sores in the genital area, otherwise known as herpes.

Cold sores usually last 10-14 days, but if you want to speed up the healing process than I have a few natural remedies for you that have been known to be effective in treating cold sores. Just a quick note; if your cold sore doesn’t seem to getting better and 14 days have passed, go directly to your doctor for advice on your course of action. Continue reading

How To Build Permaculture Garden

Permaculture GardenAfter the rising popularity of Organic gardening comes a new variety in organic gardening that goes beyond; its known as permaculture organic gardening. Permaculture organic gardening is simply sustainable plant growing. It is now purposefully getting popular due to the realization of the need for an affordable and a low maintenance gardening.

With that, here are some basic facts to start permaculture gardening: Continue reading

Raw Brothers Awesome YouTube Video

RawBrahs - Radical, Real, Refreshing!Hello GenuineAid readers! Today I decided to share an AMAZING video I watched recently. I know that many people most of the time think that those who are eating only Raw fruits and vegetables are weak, skinny, and maybe even get cancer. Now, did you know that if you eat raw foods the RIGHT way, then you can dramatically improve your overall health and energy? You really can boost your physical and even mental health by going totally natural. To get inspired more I REALLY recommend watching this video below.

This Video is from YouTube and it’s called World Record One Armed SUPERMAN Pushups from RawBrahs. RawBrahs are solar powered Christian raw food enthusiasts radically honest nomadic elitist minimalist brothers with DOMS, and are representing our Father God & Mother Earth.

How To Avoid Eating After Seven

Avoid Eating After Seven.To avoid eating after seven in the evening can be challenging sometimes, but it sure is worth it. You can pretty much consider this article as another healthy weight loss diet plan. I’m sure that if some people who want or need to loose weight would follow this plan, then they would loose a good amount of fat. So, let’s stop blabbering about this topic and instead let’s review these Seven Tips on How to Avoid Eating after Seven… Continue reading

How to Hang, Mud, Sand, Primer, and Paint Sheetrock

Tools for Mudding, Sanding, Primering, and Painting.

– Sheetrock hanging step will be before mudding of course.
– Make sure to measure twice and to double check what you do before actually cutting the Sheetrock.
– Cut carefully and patiently the first pass, then you can speed up on the next two cutting passes for each cut on all of your Sheetrock.
– After cutting one side of the Sheetrock then snap and fold it and cut of the remaining side.
– I recommend getting a sheetrock/wallboard hanging lift for the ceilings especially, you can find them online for under two hundred bucks.. I did.
– In some or many spots you’ll need someone’s help in either lifting or holding the Sheetrock.
– Hang the Sheetrock on ceilings first and then on walls.
– On ceilings keep the screws 12″ apart and in each beam, but on walls keep the screws 16″ apart and in each stud.
– Make sure to Get the crews into the studs and that they are long enough.
– Don’t ever use nails for hanging Sheetrock, it will come loose and crack or fall.
– Less cuts and joints = less tape and mud.
– Use common sense. Don’t have it? Then read the Holy Bible and ask God for it. The whole remodeling process is a good patience test, pray, ask God to help you, don’t try to do it on your own. If you’ll somehow hurt yourself, please try not to cuss everything and everyone out, it won’t help. Be patient and take your time, and don’t forget to take breaks, believe me they help to reboot your strength. Continue reading

How To Change Differential Oil in Subaru

How To Change Differential OilIt’s time for a How-To Article! This time I put an article for a gear oil change tutorial. Gear oil can be used for four-wheel differentials of many kinds of cars. So, if you were looking for an article or tutorial on How To Change Differential Oil in Subaru or 2003 Subaru Forester to be more exact, then you came to the right place. Since I didn’t have the pump, I used a funnel with a hose (or tube) to fill the gear oil back into the differential. Of course there is not enough space in the back and under the car to be able to properly fit the funnel. So I had to compromise ;) I drilled a hole under the spare tire which made everything work out like a piece of cake. Make sure to read the whole tutorial before jumping into it, so you know for sure that you have everything that is needed for your differential’s gear oil change. So, let’s begin with the tutorial… Continue reading

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