Printable USA Map

Blank Map Preview

Well, I finally put together another useful Homeschooling Printable Page. A printable USA map that is in JPG and PDF formats, and with and without the state names. So, all you’ll need to do is choose which free printable map of United States you’d like to use for your project. I’d say it’s a pretty good quality print for learning and/or coloring projects. Continue reading

Free Multiplication Printable Table

Preview of a Free Multiplication Printable Table.It’s time for one of my kids to learn and remember the multiplication table, so I checked the internet for something good, free, and printable, but I couldn’t find anything right away. The ones I’ve found I just didn’t really feel satisfied with. So, I decided to make a Free Multiplication Printable Table myself for my kids to use. At the same time I decided to let my Blog visitors Download one for free. The image in this article is a preview image of the actual full page multiplication table. Just click on that preview image and you’ll be taken to the actual full printable multiplication table. I made it to be 300 ppi, so the quality is just perfect, you can even print it on a photo paper and it will look clean and beautiful. The colors I used for this table are not just some random ones from the top of my head, these are actually from some specific 12-color wheel. But I added 50% of white on top of those colors so the printer wouldn’t use too much ink. Also, here is a PDF Version. Continue reading