Nutrients and Health Benefits of Jews Ear Mushroom

Jew's Ear MushroomToday’s post is going to be about a mushroom with a funny name called Jew’s Ear. Some people call it Jelly Ear, Pepeao, Ear Fungus, Chinese Fungus, Pig’s Ear, Wood Ear, Tree Ear, Kikurage, or Binomially speaking Auricularia auricula-judae. This mushroom is edible and it usually grows on some kind of dead or living woods, especially on Elder Trees. People call this mushroom a Jew’s Ear because it was formerly called Judas Ear. Why? Because some people believe that Judas Iscariot, after betraying Jesus Christ The Son of God, hanged himself from an Elder Tree and his spirit came back as a mushroom. Well, since this mushroom grows mostly on an Elder Tree and it looks like an ear, then some people decided that it should be called Judas Ear which later on became known as a Jew’s Ear. The part where Judas betrayed Jesus Christ is totally true, but the spirit of Judas coming back as a mushroom is not true. Some cultures and countries use Jew’s Ear mushroom for food and/or as a medicine, but others complain about the side effects of this mushroom and stay away from it. In China it is very popular to eat a soup that contains Jew’s Ear mushroom, especially when someone has a cold or a fever. The Nutrients in a cup or 99 grams of Raw Jew’s Ear Mushroom are: Continue reading

Shiitake Mushrooms Nutrients and Benefits

shiitake mushroomsShiitake mushrooms have been used medicinally for about as long as the earth’s age, which is about 6000 years. Mushrooms are unique living organisms that have no roots, or leaves, or flowers, or even seeds. Mushrooms are considered as Fungus. Some people did lots of research and they found out that mushrooms is the only natural food that is better to have cooked than raw, because after cooking them a little they become much more health beneficial. The Nutrients in raw Shiitake Mushrooms are:
– Vitamin C
– Iron
– Protein
– Dietary Fiber
– Carbohydrates
– Natural Sugar
– Water
– Sodium

The Benefits we get from Shiitake Mushrooms are:
– Powers up immune system
– Fights Infections
– Fights Diseases
– Fights Influenza
– Fights Viruses
– Fights HIV virus
– Promotes Optimal Health
– Protects from Cancers
– Promotes Heart Health
– Lowers Cholesterol
– Powerful Antioxidant