How To Make Your Own Toothpaste

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Many people do not find the taste of fluoride-based toothpaste pleasant. Fluoride is the main ingredient used in toothpaste and deemed as capable of protecting the teeth. On the other hand, there are studies saying that fluoride can cause cancer, can damage the nervous system, and can weaken the teeth and bones. In fact, fluoride is used as a poison. History tells that Nazis made use of fluoride as poison for water of their prisoners. Fluoride can placate people allowing them to be controlled easily. After knowing these facts, you’re probably think of dumping your fluoride toothpaste. However, it will be good to know that as an alternative, you can buy toothpastes that are fluoride-free or make your own recipe.

One of the ideal ingredients to use in making your own toothpaste is coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is the main ingredient in toothpastes that are homemade due to its natural and powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. These properties are very effective in killing harmful bacteria in the mouth. Coconut oil is also a great ingredient for the health of your gums. Regular brushing can eliminate the gum problems such as bleeding and soreness. This oil also eliminates bacteria-causing gingivitis. Brushing the tongue with coconut oil also helps in managing oral thrush, which is a fungal problem in the mouth. Coconut oil is also found effective in stopping and even reversing tooth decay. Continue reading

Natural Remedies to Treat Cold Sores

Cold Sore Preview.We’ve all experienced the annoyance of cold sores, those painful disgusting looking sores that pop up near and around your mouth. Cold sores are caused by the really nasty herpes simplex virus. There are 2 versions of the virus, Type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is what causes the sores that occur near your mouth and Type 2 is what causes sores in the genital area, otherwise known as herpes.

Cold sores usually last 10-14 days, but if you want to speed up the healing process than I have a few natural remedies for you that have been known to be effective in treating cold sores. Just a quick note; if your cold sore doesn’t seem to getting better and 14 days have passed, go directly to your doctor for advice on your course of action. Continue reading

Foods For Healthy Teeth

Foods for Healthy Teeth.We hear a lot of information about which foods and drinks are good for our health. Indeed, it seems like each and every day a new article makes headlines proclaiming the “10 best superfoods” to keep you healthy. However, did you know that there are foods and drinks that can also benefit your dental health through natural means? Of course, most tooth health has to do with dental care, and methods you can read about on websites like However, here are a few words on some of the top 10 foods for dental health, as declared by Continue reading

Top 10 Oral Irrigators or Water Flossers

Water FlossersDo you brush your teeth on a regular basis? Do you use mouth wash and/or floss? Did you know that for most of the people that is not enough to keep their teeth and gums healthy? Well… now you do ;) Another important alternative answer for Oral Care is Water Pressure Flossing. Some people call these oral gadgets as Water Flossers, Dental Water Jets, or Oral Irrigators.

How do I know that Water Flossing is important? Well, I’d say there are two sure answers, proven Medical studies and my own experience. Water Jet Flossing is clinically proven to be up to 93 percent more effective than typical string flossing. I don’t know about you but to me that is more than enough of difference to consider using Oral Irrigators. There were many times when I brushed my teeth, string flossed, and used a mouth-wash. Then when I used a Jet Water Flosser I had so much left-over pieces of food come out that it impressed me every time.

Before my dentist deep cleaned my teeth I had lots of problems with my Oral Health. My gums would bleed from even a light brushing, string flossing, water flossing, and mouth-washing. My gums kept on getting easily infected by some left-over food that got stuck between my teeth which led to some swelling. My mouth would horribly and embarrassingly stink. Around some of my teeth I had some kind of dark crusty stuff growing. My mouth had some serious problems Periodontal disease (or Periodontitis) and Gingivitis. Continue reading

10 Very Healthy Natural Toothpaste Products

Natural Toothpaste Products with Xylitol and No Fluoride.I have been wanting to put together an article specifically like this where I could provide my readers with not just information but with very useful and healthy products too. This might make your research easier and probably save you some time and money while deciding on which toothpaste to buy. All of these Toothpastes and Tooth Gels are at Amazon website, all you need to do is click on a specific image below and the link will take you to that exact product. Yep, I’ll get some kind of commission from Amazon if you’ll buy any of these Oral Care Products.

When I look for Toothpaste products, I make sure that there is No Fluoride, because Fluoride is more poisonous than the Lead and just slightly less poisonous than the Arsenic. Also, I like to stay away from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), because it is a very corrosive ingredient and is very harmful to skin and hair. SLS is usually put in hair and skin care products like soaps and shampoos, but I never actually seen it in oral care products. If you care about the health of your and your children’s teeth, then I really recommend for you to make sure that your family consumes Xylitol through gums, mouth rinses, tooth gels, and through toothpastes. Xylitol is a Naturally occurring Carbohydrate and is used for a long time now as a Natural Sweetener. As far as people know it is really good for our teeth, but it is very bad or even deadly for pets. For People – Xylitol Helps keep neutral pH in the mouth, Xylitol Prevents Bacteria from sticking to the teeth, Xylitol protects from tooth decay, Xylitol stops acid attacks, Xylitol decreases the Plaque amount in your mouth, and finally Xylitol repairs damaged Enamel on your teeth. Continue reading