Potatoes Nutrients and Benefits

potatoesIf you eat the Organic potato baked with the skin on then you’ll get all of the fun stuff for your body, but if you are FAT and you are constantly eating fried French fries, or either mashed or baked potatoes full of added FATS, then don’t be blaming the potato, it’s YOU who is the problem, because YOU are the one choosing to eat it in an unhealthy way. Eat it right so your body can enjoy it. How? Don’t add any extra deadly and dangerous fats like cheap oils or margarine, and try to buy only Organic or Home Grown Potatoes.

Also, if you are on some kind of a diet, then I’d really recommend to stay away from potatoes. If you bake a potato with its skin on and eat it like that then it will be a very healthy, low calorie, and high fiber meal for you which can help your body instead of destroying it.

So, Let’s check out the Nutrients in a Large Potato (about 299 grams) which was baked and salted and includes the skin:

- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B1, Thiamin
- Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
- Vitamin B3, Niacin (Good Amount)
- Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid
- Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine (Good Amount)
- Vitamin B9, Folate, Folic Acid (Good Amount)
- Vitamin C (Good Amount)
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin K
- Protein
- Calcium
- Iron
- Magnesium (Good Amount)
- Phosphorus (Good Amount)
- Potassium (Good Amount)
- Sodium (Good Amount)
- Zinc
- Copper
- Manganese (Good Amount)
- Selenium
- Natural Fats
- Omega 3 Fatty Acids
- Omega 6 Fatty Acids
- Carbohydrates (Good Amount)
- Dietary Fiber (Good Amount)
- Starch
- Natural Sugars
- Calories

Because of this nice list of Nutrients from a baked potato, we get an amazing list of Benefits below:

Vitamin B3:
- Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels (LDL)
- Raises Good Cholesterol Levels (HDL)
- Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels
- Supports Healthy Fat process
- Reduces Weakness
- Normalizes appetite
- Reduces skin infections
- Reduces digestive issues
- Provides Healthy Energy
- Improves Skin health

Vitamin B6:
- Supports Brain Function
- Provides Healthy Energy
- Reduces Risk of Heart attack
- Supports Nervous system
- Protects from homocysteine build-up
- Reduces fatigue
- Lowers chance of anemia
- Helps protect from eczema
- Helps protect from dermatitis
- Supports healthy skin
- May reduce seizures

Vitamin B9:
- Supports cell production
- Helps protect from anemia
- Protects from homocysteine build-up
- Supports Healthy Nerve Function
- May prevent from osteoporosis
- May prevent from Alzheimer’s disease
- Reduces Irritability
- Protects from depression
- Reduces Insomnia
- Helps protect from fatigue
- Improves memory
- Reduces gingivitis
- Reduces birth defects
- Supports brain health
- Improves Spine health

Vitamin C:
- Improves wound healing
- Prevents cells from damages
- Improves gums health
- Improves teeth health
- Improves Immune System
- Protects from free radicals
- Reduces Aging
- Lowers Risks of some Cancers
- Improves Iron absorption
- Improves Lung health
- Prevents from frequent colds
- Protects from frequent infections

- Relaxes nerves
- Relaxes muscles
- Strengthens bones
- Builds bones
- Improves blood circulation
- Protects from muscle spasms
- Improves heart rate
- Normalizes blood sugar level
- Helps prevent headaches

- Supports strong bones
- Supports healthy bones
- Normalizes blood sugar levels
- Supports healthy thyroid gland
- Improves Nerve health
- Protects from free radicals
- Helps protect from nausea
- Reduces vomiting
- Reduces skin rashes
- Maintains Hair color
- Normalizes Cholesterol levels
- Helps prevent dizziness
- Helps prevent hearing loss
- Supports healthy reproduction

- Improves nerve function
- Improves muscle function
- Reduces confusion
- Reduces irritability
- Reduces fatigue
- Lowers chance of heart problems
- Lowers chance of high blood pressure
- Protects from chronic diarrhea
- Improves exercise ability

Dietary Fiber:
- Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels
- Normalizes Cholesterol Levels
- Helps prevent constipation
- Helps prevent hemorrhoids
- Supports Weight Loss

Apple Nutrients and Benefits

appleWe are used to see apples in stores just like any other fruits, some are amazingly shiny and cheap but the Organic ones are usually expensive and honed looking. You probably heard the saying “Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away”, well… You really should an apple a day to keep the doctors and diseases away, because it really is true, an apple does have important daily vitamins in it. A normal medium sized apple contains these kind of vitamins:
- vitamin B1 – thiamin
- vitamin B2 – riboflavin
- vitamin B3 – niacin
- vitamin B5 – pantothenic acid
- vitamin B6
- vitamin B9 – folate
- vitamin C
- calcium
- iron
- magnesium
- phosphorus
- potassium
- Amino Acids
- Organic Acids
- Citric Acid
- Malic Acid

I don’t know about you but to me that looks awesome. An apple has the right kind of Vitamins and Minerals to provide us with these benefits:
- Protect from Alzheimers Disease
- Protect from Parkinson disease
- Protect from prostrate cancer
- Protect from heart diseases
- Protect from diabetes
- Protect from plaque buildup in the arteries

And scientists still finding out more and more benefits from an apple today. So, yeah, I really recommend for everyone to start eating Organic Apples without peeling them and eat the seeds too but spit out the shells from the seeds, and if you buy non-Organic apples then you better peel the skin from them because the shiny wax on them is very bad for your body.

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