Arrowroot Nutrients and Health Benefits

Arrowroot Preparation Photo provided by Noblevmy at Wikipedia.

Arrowroot is pretty much a starch (or carbohydrate) which is typically obtained from the rhizomes (or rootstocks, or creeping rootstalks, or mass of roots). These rhizomes come from multiple tropical plants like: Manihot esculenta, Zamia pumila, or Maranta arundinacea.

Arrowroot must be washed and cleansed very thoroughly before use. Arrowroot is suppose to be pretty popular in British cuisines. People enjoy Arrowroot in many different forms like: cakes, jellies, puddings, biscuits, and hot sauces. Some people prefer to use Arrowroot flour instead of the wheat flour because of the lack of gluten, but on the other hand, it lacks other important ingredients that wheat flour contains. The Nutrients in one cup (or 120 grams) of Raw Sliced Arrowroot are: Continue reading