Cherry Nutrients and Health Benefits

Sweet Cherries

I ate some cherries recently and at the same time I wanted to know what kind of Nutrients they contained. For some reason I assumed that I already had an article about Cherries, but the only article I found is How to get Cherry stain off Naturally. I was very surprised to find out that I didn’t have an article posted yet about Cherries. Cherry fruit is pretty popular around the world and I try to make sure that I have every popular fruit and/or vegetable included in GenuineAid blog.

The family of a Cherry is called Rosaceae and the Genus is Prunus. There are lots of species of the cherry. My article is going to be about the sweet cherry also know as Wild cherry, Sweet cherry, Gean, or botanically speaking Prunus Avium. In America I never heard anyone call the sour and the sweet cherries with their different names. In Russian language we always called the hard sweet Cherry as Черешня – Chereshnya, and the soft sour Cherry is called Вишня – Veeshnya. Personally, I never liked the sour Cherries, they are more acidic which is why they are much more sour than the sweet Cherry. At the same time, I just remembered that there is one dish that I really like made with sour Cherry, in Russian it’s called Вареники – Vareniki. It’s like dumplings, only instead of meat inside of the boiled dough, people put cleaned out sour cherries without the pits (or seeds). Continue reading

How to get Cherry stain off Naturally

cherry stainSo, here is the true story on what made me decide to put this article up on the internet. I was eating cherries by the computer and then when I was biting one the juice from it squirted on my white 100% cotton shirt. So I sat there and looked at my cherry, ugly, big, dark, and red stain right in the middle of my clean white shirt. Then, I remembered a woman at the farm telling us that if you will get stained from cherries, then just get some hot boiling water straight from the stove, take off the stained clothes and just pour the hot boiling water on that stain, make sure to keep the finger away because even the steam is kind of burning you when you do this. So I went and took of my shirt and got some boiling water and poured it on the cherry stain and it disappeared right in front of my eyes, and I did NOT use any detergents or cleaners.
Then I decided to tell people about it so you wouldn’t have to buy any expensive chemicals to clean stains like this. But to make these pictures I had to use another cloth to prove it to you guys that this is true and honest article or blog or whatever you want to call it. Yes, the cloth you see on the picture was clean, then I stained it with a dark red cherry, and then I totally cleansed it from the stain with just 100% hot boiling water. So, please tell your friends and family about this trick and where you found out about this trick, thanks :)