Gout Arthritis – Glucosamine Help

Does your big toe hurts, stiffens, swells, and burns? Do some of your leg or foot joints painfully behave in a similar way? If your answer is YES to those questions, then you most likely have an arthritis, gout kind to be more exact. I remember many incidents of that annoying pain usually in my foot, big toe, or around knees. One time I remember the most, when one of my big toe’s joint hurt so bad that I couldn’t even think straight, I thought my toe is going to explode from the stiffness it got. The worst part about it, is that I didn’t know what was going on or how to solve it.

I started watching what I eat. I tried to make sure my shoes are in good shape. I started noticing that after eating potatoes, tomatoes, and a little too many sweets would give me that pain again. So I tried to stay away from those foods or at least consume them in very small portions. At that time I kept thinking that I have an arthritis. I really recommend that anyone who has similar pain to start paying attention when and why it’s happening. Continue reading