Cumin Spice Nutrients and Benefits

Cumin Seeds or sometimes spelled Cummin Seeds come from a flowering, herbaceous, and annual plant called Cuminum cyminum. Did you know that in these days Black Pepper spice is the most popular in the whole world and the Cumin is the second most popular in the world? Well… now you do :) People around the world use ground cumin as a spice or herb for many different dishes, some of them include, chili, soups, stews, and curries. About one table spoon (6 grams) of cumin seed spice has these Nutrients:
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B1, Thiamin
– Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
– Vitamin B3, Niacin
– Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– Protein
– Calories
– Carbohydrates
– Dietary Fiber
– Natural Fats
– Calcium
– Iron (good amount)
– Magnesium
– Manganese
– Phosphorus
– Potassium
– Zinc
– Copper

The Benefits that you could get from these Nutrients in cumin seeds are:
– Improves Oxygen distribution
– Improves Immune System
– Provides Healthy energy
– Reduces fatigue
– Reduces weakness
– Improves concentration ability
– Lowers chance of infections
– Supports healthy hair
– Reduces Dizziness
– Lowers chances of headaches
– Strengthens nails
– Protects from apathy
– Lowers risks of depression
– Supports strong bones
– Supports healthy bones
– Normalizes blood sugar levels
– Supports healthy thyroid gland
– Improves Nerve health
– Protects from free radicals
– Helps protect from nausea
– Reduces vomiting
– Reduces skin rashes
– Maintains Hair color
– Normalizes Cholesterol levels
– Helps prevent dizziness
– Helps prevent hearing loss
– Supports healthy reproduction