Epazote Nutrients and Health Benefits

Epazote Herb and Leaf VegetableHave you ever heard of Epazote plant? Well, I didn’t, until I did this little research :) Epazote is sometimes called Wormseed, Mexican Tea, Jesuit Tea, or Binomially speaking Dysphania Ambrosioides which formerly had a name of Chenopodium Ambrosioides. Epazote plant can grow as tall as 3.9 feet or 1.2 meters. Epazote can be used as a herb with a strong flavor or as a leaf vegetable. The leaves of Epazote plant can grow as long as 4.7 inches or 12 centimeters. People use Epazote for Agricultural, Culinary, and Medicinal needs. The Nutrients of Raw Epazote in one ounce or 28 grams are: Continue reading