Coconut Oil Nutrients and Health Benefits

Coconut and a Straw.I would like to introduce you to an extremely healthy oil… yep… that is right… Oil. Did you know that an Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is very healthy for you and it doesn’t have trans fats, hydrogenated fats, cholesterol and hexane. It supports your metabolism, yep… many people actually started losing weight by using this kind of Coconut oil instead of other cooking oils, and many people actually believe that this oil is better than Butter. Coconut Oil is one of the world’s most nourishing super foods. Also, you can use Coconut Oil for small wounds and cuts because it helps them heal faster. If you use Coconut oil in your diet then you will fill up faster and your body will begin replacing the bad fats and oil in your body with this extremely healthy organic coconut oil. Also, I wanted to let you know that you can keep this kind of coconut oil on a normal kitchen shelf. When your house will get warmer, your Coconut Oil will melt into liquid, don’t worry, that is normal. At the same time, when your house will get colder, this kind of Coconut oil will get white and hard, just like butter. Sometimes you can melt this oil by just holding it in your hands.

So please, search your local stores for this kind of oil: Organic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, without trans fats, without hydrogenated fats, without cholesterol and without hexane Coconut Oil. If you don’t want to look for it in your local stores, then below this article you’ll find three pictures of different size Coconut Oil products which I really recommend. We use it and we love it. I really love the smell of this oil. I personally hate the Coconut cakes and candies, but for some reason I love this oil, especially on a toasted bread with honey, hmmm, makes me want to make some now :) So far I only heard some “government-related organizations” tell people to lay off of the Coconut oil because it may not be good for you because of the large amounts of some kind of Fats, but at the same time, more and more of normal people like you and me are claiming how this kind of extremely healthy oil helped them in multiple health issues. The Nutrients in 14 grams (or 1 Table Spoon) of Coconut Oil are: Continue reading

Pumpkin Seeds Nutrients and Benefits

pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds are also good for you and they combine a great combination of vitamins and ingredients in them. Pumpkin seeds look like flat and green seeds with some weird husk shell on them. Ok, lets get to the point, the nutrients in raw organic pumpkin seeds are:
– Vitamin K
– Protein
– Zinc
– Copper
– Iron
– Tryptophan
– Phosphorus
– Magnesium
– Manganese
– Carbohydrates
– Fats
– Vitamin A
– Folate
– Calcium
– Potassium
– Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids

Pumpkin Seeds have great health benefits too, and here they are:
– Promotes Prostate Health
– Protects Men’s Bones
– Promotes arthritis health
– Lowers Cholesterol Levels
– Enhances Immune System
– Decreases the Risk of some cancers

So, go ahead and buy some pumpkin seeds, and then you can enjoy them alone, or with sautéed vegetables, or with some green salads, or grind them into a pesto dressing, or add them to your cereal.

Health Basics

carrotsHere are the basics, or intro, or the health ABCs for your “better” health, so, try to buy these kind of products for your own good:

  • Organic or Similar to that Products
  • Fresh Uncooked Fruits and Vegetables
  • Seeds, Nuts and Beans
  • Clean Water, Natural Preferably
  • Home made dairy

and here is what you must stay away from, or you will damage your body, guaranteed:

  • White Sugar
  • SLS – Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate
  • Hydrogenated oils and fats
  • Most Conventional medicine
  • Most Vaccines
  • Shiny and Non-organic Fruits and Vegetables
  • Non-organic dairy

Please use your wise decisions, your health depends on it.