Sweet Potatoes Nutrients and Benefits

yam sweet potatoesSweet Potatoes are very beneficial for our health, and no they do not have the same nutrients as the regular potatoes. Sometimes Sweet Potatoes are called Yam, but they really aren’t Yam. Sweet Potatoes is considered to be a root vegetable. Sweet Potatoes have these important nutrients:
– Vitamin A (extreme amount)
– Vitamin B1, Thiamin
– Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
– Vitamin B3, Niacin
– Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid
– Vitamin B6, pyridoxine
– Vitamin C (good amount)
– Iron
– Potassium
– Dietary Fiber
– Copper
– Manganese (good amount)
– Protein
– Carbohydrates
– Natural Sugar
– Water
– Folate
– Calcium
– Magnesium
– Phosphorus
– Zinc
– Amino Acids

The Benefits of Sweet Potatoes in other words are sweet too:
– Antioxidant benefits
– Eliminates Free Radicals
– Helps Protect from Atherosclerosis
– Helps Protect from Diabetic Heart Disease
– Helps Protect from Colon Cancer
– Helps Protect from Asthma
– Helps Protect from Osteoarthritis
– Helps Protect from Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Helps Protect from Heart Attack
– Helps Protect from Stroke
– Helps Protect from Emphysema
– Supports Lung Health
– Supports Vision