How To Change Differential Oil in Subaru

How To Change Differential OilIt’s time for a How-To Article! This time I put an article for a gear oil change tutorial. Gear oil can be used for four-wheel differentials of many kinds of cars. So, if you were looking for an article or tutorial on How To Change Differential Oil in Subaru or 2003 Subaru Forester to be more exact, then you came to the right place. Since I didn’t have the pump, I used a funnel with a hose (or tube) to fill the gear oil back into the differential. Of course there is not enough space in the back and under the car to be able to properly fit the funnel. So I had to compromise ;) I drilled a hole under the spare tire which made everything work out like a piece of cake. Make sure to read the whole tutorial before jumping into it, so you know for sure that you have everything that is needed for your differential’s gear oil change. So, let’s begin with the tutorial… Continue reading