Health dangers of Sodas, Soft Drinks, Cola, Pop

cola popMany people really like to drink carbonated cola, pop, soda, or soft drink. An honest dentist will tell you to stay away from dark sweet pop, because it destroys and demineralizes the enamel which protects our teeth. Did you know that some teenagers drink as many as twelve pop cans per day, sounds like someone is addicted. Did you know that sugar is considered a drug and that is why people get so addicted to sweets and not only to pop. The carbonated cola drinks extremely promote aging. Most of the soda pop provides very lethal, toxic, poisonous, and venomous effects for our bodies. Did you know that because of the high sugar levels in soft drinks the studies linked obesity, osteoporosis, toth decay, and heart diseases to these harmful drinks. Just remember this, drinking pop soft drinks extremely promotes many kinds of diseases in your body because it destroys your immune system, and we all know that the immune system is like our body’s shield from most or even all of the diseases out there. So if you destroy your body shield then you will start getting sick a lot more often from very simple and little colds, flu, bacterias, and other dangerous free radicals. An average carbonated cola, or pop, or soda, or soft drink contains these ingredients:
– Carbohydrates
– Water
– Caffeine (dangerous)
– Fluoride (deadly)
– Sugar (dangerous)
– Calories

Ultra Immune Supplement Benefits

Ultra ImmuneUltra Immune Supplement is very good and helpful for our immune system.

Does Not contain:
– Salt
– starch
– corn
– soy
– egg
– shellfish
– preservatives
– Wheat
– gluten

Quick Overview of Ultra Immune:
– 60 Gel Caps

– 50mg Elderberry
– 50mg Olive Leaf
– 40mg Allsure (with 12.5mcg of Stabilized Allicin)
– 40mg Oregano Oil
– 10mg ImmuneEnhancer (with Larch Tree)
– 5mg Rosemary Oil

Product Description:
– Ultra Immune is scientifically designed to help support healthy immune function. This potent herbal formula is based on high-quality elderberry and olive leaf extracts and is potentiated by stabilized allicin from garlic. Beeyoutiful uses Allisure, a clinically-tested, safe and unique form of stabilized allicin. Allicin is partly responsible for the strong immune supporting properties in garlic, and has become an increasingly popular way to promote overall wellness. In addition to elderberry extract, olive leaf extract and Allisure, we have added oregano oil and rosemary oil—two natural compounds that have been used extensively to provide sound immune system support. ImmunoEnhancer AG is a non-digestible soluble fiber from Larch that has been included as a prebiotic supplement which helps to support healthy intestinal flora—a key component of immune response.

– Manufactured in the USA.

– To Buy This Ultra Immune Supplement just Click Here or Click on its Picture. Also, Please consult your trusted healthcare practitioner for advice and recommendations before you buy this product.