Nutmeg Butter and Spice Nutrients and Benefits

Nutmeg in Red MaceDid you know that Nutmeg is the only tropical fruit in the whole world that is used as a source for two different spices? Well, now you do. The first spice that people use Nutmegs for is the Nutmeg itself, because it is the actual seed of the Nutmeg tree. The second spice that people use Nutmegs for is the Mace, it looks like a red or pink lace that covers the Nutmeg seed, a very beautiful and unique design Continue reading

Sunflower Oil Nutrients and Benefits

Have you ever tried the real Sunflower Oil? Have you ever smelled it? Have you ever seen the color of the real genuine 100% pure Sunflower Oil? It is amazing. Last time I tried that kind of Sunflower Oil was in Ukraine when I was about twelve years old. Me and my dad got the seeds from sunflowers and went to some place where they squeeze out the oil for you out of your seeds. When we got out of there and went home, we actually took some fresh bread and dipped it in that oil and ate it. And I think we used some salt, but I’m not sure. I will never forget that taste, the best of the best. I have been looking in stores for anything similar to it and I couldn’t find anything even close to that oil in any typical or organic stores. I tried a few of the ones we bought and still nothing was what I am looking for. But then we realized that Russian Grocery stores in America sell sunflower oils. So we started trying out different brands. All of the brands were still too far away from the real color, taste and smell, except for one sunflower oil brand called Kubanochka Unrefined Sunflower Oil, in Russian it is Кубаночка™. Yep, believe it or not, I finally found a brand in Sunflower oil that is actually reminds me of my childhood memories about the Real, Genuine, Fresh, and Tasty Sunflower Oil. The Real sunflower oil is really good for our health, if you enjoy it in the right amounts, just don’t overdose on it because of the Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. The Nutrients in about 100 grams of Sunflower Oil are:
– Vitamin E (Extreme Amount)
– Vitamin K
– Calories (Good amount)
– Natural Fats (Extreme amount)
– Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Linolenic)
– Omega 6 Fatty Acids (Linoleic)
– Omega 9 Fatty Acids (Oleic)

Like I said before if you use just the right amount of Sunflower Oil in your foods, then you could enjoy these benefits and not overdose and get sick later:
– Protects skin from ultraviolet light
– Protects from free radicals
– Improves cell function
– May prevent from Prostate cancer
– Helps protect from Alzheimer’s disease
– Improves digestive system function
– Prevents tingling under skin
– Improves sensation under skin
– Reduces Gallbladder problems
– Reduces Liver issues
– Improves blood clotting
– Improves wound healing
– Reduces risk of CAD, Coronary Artery Disease
– Reduces bleeding
– Improves kidney function
– Improves bone growth
– May protect from osteoporosis
– Improves skin growth
– Improves hair growth
– Regulates Metabolism
– Maintains Reproductive Capability
– Improves brain function
– Improves brain growth

Romanesco Nutrients and Benefits

romanescoRomanesco is an edible flower and very healthy too. Different countries call it different names like: Romanesco Broccoli, Roman Cauliflower, Broccoflower, and Romanesco Cauliflower. God created this Vegetable with a very beautiful design. At the same time, not only is it beautiful on the outside, it is also very good and healthy on the inside. The nutrients that you can find in a Romanesco are:
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B1, Thiamin
– Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
– Vitamin B3, Niacin
– Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid
– Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine
– Vitamin B9, Folate
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin K
– Dietary Fiber
– Manganese
– Magnesium
– Protein
– Phosphorus
– Potassium
– Tryptophan
– Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The Health Benefits that people can very possibly get from Romanesco Cauliflower or Broccoli are:
– Improves Eyesight
– Supports Vision
– Helps fight viral infections
– Protects from free radicals
– Lowers Risk of many cancers
– Improves healing
– Helps protect from colds
– Helps protect from flu
– Helps protect from infections
– Improves Lung health
– Supports red cell health
– Improves Bone health
– Improves Brain function
– Reduces Depression
– Reduces Constipations
– Improves Cholesterol Levels
– Improves Blood Sugar Levels
– Improves Blood Pressure Levels
– Supports Muscles
– Supports Nerves
– Supports Heart Health

Sage Nutrients and Benefits

sage herbToday we would like to tell you some interesting information about a culinary and at the same time medicinal Herb called Sage. Because of its properties and benefits Sage Herb is very popular around the world. You could enjoy Sage Herb with tomato sauce, omeletes, frittatas, pizza, salads, and meat dishes. The Nutrients that you could find in Dried and Ground Sage Herb are:
– Vitamin A
– Dietary Fiber
– Calcium
– Iron
– Volatile Oils

Looks like the list of nutrients is pretty small. Now, lets see what kind of benefits Sage Herb delivers for our bodies:
– Anti-Oxidant Protection
– Reduces Inflammations
– Improves Metabolism
– Helps Reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Helps Reduce Bronchial Asthma
– Helps Reduce Atherosclerosis
– Improves Brain Function
– Enhances Memory
– Helps Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Pinto Beans Nutrients and Benefits

pinto beansDid you ever wonder why Pinto beans are called pinto? Well, it is because in Spanish the word pinto means painted, and when you look closely at the pinto beans you will see that they have splashes of reddish or brownish dots on them. After you cook them then they usually become pink. Well, the Nutrients of cooked Pinto Beans are:
– Vitamin B1, Thiamin (good amount)
– Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
– Vitamin B3, Niacin
– Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid
– Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine
– Vitamin B9, Folate (large amount)
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin K
– Copper (good amount)
– Potassium (good amount)
– Magnesium (good amount)
– Iron (good amount)
– Phosphorus (good amount)
– Protein (good amount)
– Manganese (good amount)
– Tryptophan (large amount)
– Dietary Fiber (large amount)
– Molybdenum (extreme amount)
– Carbohydrates
– Calcium
– Selenium
– Zinc
– Omega 3 Fatty Acids
– Amino Acids (good amount)

After seeing an awesome list of nutrients in Pinto Beans then you can definitely expect a good and juicy list of Benefits in Pinto Beans:
– Lowers Cholesterol
– Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
– Increases Stool Bulk
– Prevents Constipation
– Improves Digestive System
– Prevents Diverticulosis
– Prevents Digestive Disorders
– Lowers Risk of Heart Attack
– Prevents High blood pressure
– Prevents Atherosclerosis
– Reduces Risk of Stroke
– Provides Healthy Energy
– Reduces Headaches
– Antioxidant Protection
– Improves your memory
– Improves brain function

Cinnamon Nutrients and Benefits

cinnamonToday we would like to introduce you to some of the important facts about the Cinnamon Bark that comes from Cinnamon Tree. Cinnamon can be used as a spice and as a medicine. The Nutrients that you could find in ground cinnamon spice are:
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin K
– Manganese (good amount)
– Dietary Fiber
– Iron
– Calcium
– Carbohydrates
– Natural Fats

Even though the list of Nutrients is pretty small, but the flavor is very pleasant and the benefits of cinnamon spice are just good and important for you too:
– Prevents Blood Clotting
– Prevents Inflammations
– Protects from Bacteria
– Protects from Fungi
– Protects from Candida Yeast
– Prevents High Blood sugar levels
– Lowers High Blood Sugar
– Helps Type 2 Diabetics
– Lowers Cholesterol
– Lowers Triglycerides
– Improves Brain Function
– Supports Teeth Health
– Improves Colon Health
– Improves Heart Health
– Protects from Heart Disease
– Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer
– Reduces Risk of Atherosclerosis
– Relieves Constipation
– Relieves Diarrhea
– Relieves Cold symptoms
– Relieves Flu symptoms